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Wednesday 7 September 2016

American Trip III - Flagstaff

Flagstaff was our next stop and it's here I met 'those' Americans complete with Trump style phobia of anything not USA born.  Whilst at a bar called The Museum Club we encountered several beyond inebriated locals (it was around 4pm so fair enough I say!) One of which asked me where I was from and when I told him he advised 'we're building a wall to keep you lot out'. I've been advised he was joking by my family who weren't there, didn't hear the inflection in his voice, didn't see his body language and didn't feel as uncomfortable as I felt... So I'm sure they know what happened way more than the person who was addressed right*? 

Either way we hung around and the atmosphere lightened considerably as the day time drunks left/were ejected and the night time not-yet-drunk-drunks arrived.  Its strange when a bar gets more friendly the later you're there but that's America for you.  A live Country music band kept us dancing throughout the night whilst the single Jack Daniels we ordered lasted a lot longer than they do in the UK.... Because they measure their drinks for about this long**...

The next morning after a hangover fixing breakfast we ventured into the town.  From The Museum Club, which was next to our motel, if you turn left its all long roads and outlet malls, kinda dull right? But if you turn right and keep going you reach the heart of Flagstaff.  This is a town that doesn't reveal its wonders to everyone, like the shy girl at prom she conceals much and you have to be in the right place at the right time to really see her.  We were lucky enough to be 'right place right time' people.  

We parked up behind a church (parking is mostly free in USA) and happened upon a farmers market.  Similar to those we have here but as you'd expect from our friends across the pond on a grander scale.  The food was foodier, the flowers flowerier, the sun sunnier***.

After we were done with the market we wandered the streets and found Flagstaff to be a mural loving place with a number of stunning images and pictures painted on walls and buildings.  It very much reminded me of my trip to Philadelphia.

Its also here that I ticked off another proper USA sighting.  Mustangs, pick ups and cars I can't even name (but are just too beautiful) are everywhere you look.  I embarrassed myself a good deal by taking images of them whilst bewildered workers looked on at their battered vehicle. Tourists eh?

We also met people with a beauty and depth not usually noted in the news or on TV. One man, who's name I didn't get (he didn't speak) let me take his picture.  Had he spoken I feel sure he'd have one heck of a story to tell.
I could have easily spent more time at Flagstaff but it was time to move on and the next town was where a REAL bucket list item was ticked off,  Some views are too awesome (in the true sense of the word) to describe with words, but I'll be giving it a go anyway. Next Time Williams - The gateway to...


** Slight Exageration
*** Am I not the most awesome at descriptive wording?


Anonymous said...

These photos are just GORGEOUS Ally!

TmS said...

Thanks Chicka! Flagstaff was awesome too.

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