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Wednesday 18 May 2016

#CambsMeetUp - Catesbys Event

What happens when a couple of fabulous gentlemen who love the Provence way of life want to bring that dash of French chic design to a store in Cambridge?  Well you get Catesby's on Green Street, that's what.  One of those 'I'll just transplant my salary directly into your account' shops that beckon you in with dark wood panelling and gorgeous little trinkets at every turn.  Which, coincidentally enough, is exactly where I found myself last Sunday morning... this stuff isn't just thrown together you know! 

The lovely Clashing Time invited me and a tribe of bloggers (is that right? I've no idea if we have been given a collective noun or not yet?) to this independent treasure for the latest #CambMeetUp event which I had been looking forward to for ages!

Neil and Jonathon, the owners of the store welcomed us in with joyful abandon, talking about why they love interior design, France and Cambridge. They got me totally on side when describing themselves as 'the anti Primark' of the high street.  Insisting upon a 'buy less love it longer' mantra I was won over by this unusual yet refreshing sales pitch.  Luckily for them the store is besieged with the cutest bits and bobs for you to find and love for longer in your home, many of the girls picked up a bargain or two before they left.   

When we were done with shopping we headed upstairs to the cafe where we had been provided an instagram friendly breakfast over which we could catch up or introduce ourselves.  Blogger friends like Lifesacatwalk and ClaireBellaMakes were around and I even hung out with some new faces (hello FashionistaBarbie, SuitcaseandSandals and The Trove) as well.  It's here we got to meet the lovely Julie from Cambridge Satchel CompanyJulie is is a big fan of Catesby's and seemed only to pleased to chat away to us, proudly showing her latest bag and pictures of her gorgeous dogs in equal proportion.

All of which now means I'm left with a dilemma.   Do I save up to redesign my home, buy a new satchel or get a boxer puppy!?


Hannah said...

I love the photos - so talented! Really enjoyed meeting you on Sunday, and Catesbys was the perfect venue for a tribe of bloggers...XXX

TmS said...

Ah thanks hun, much appreciated. Yes I loved Catesbys, will definitely be back!

Unknown said...

Aww this event looked so good - I am going to have to pop in when I'm next in Cambridge, the homewear is just my style. Also THAT BRUNCH!

Laura xx | Loved By Laura

Anonymous said...


TmS said...

It was so good! And the store in the cutest! We should have more blog events there for sure.

TmS said...

Ha ha! Noted.

Anonymous said...
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Gemma Lifesacatwalk said...

Epic pictures and a great post! It was such a lovely morning and great to catch up. Hopefully see you soon :) xx

TmS said...

Thanks hun. Good to see you too!

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