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Friday 19 February 2016

Fashion Show review

So its been a while since I attended a fashion show and as its not clear if I'll be invited to Cambs Style Week this year, I was proper chuffed when Clashing Time let me be her plus1 to the Robinson Mercedes-Benz  style event last Wednesday. 

We got there a little later than planned but settled into the best spot we could find for taking images at the end of the runway. It soon became obvious that the show itself was a somewhat veiled excuse to entice us to purchase a spanky new car, which was fair enough as it is a car show room.  

Unfortunately, when it came to the images the photographers section - such as it was - didn't really lend itself to getting the full length of the tall beautiful ones in shot.  Which is why none of my subjects have any feet.  Also quite oddly, there wasn't any announcement of where the clothes were from either.  I was told afterwards that apparently it was whispered over the music but from where we were standing this couldn't be made out. 

This was a particular pain as there were a few looks I was interested in.  Luckily I got chatting with the lovely girls of Dizen Clothing after the show and it turned out most of the pieces I liked were from their range.  These two super entrepreneurial chicks stock some affordable yet chic designs, they even have accessories and a Home and Gifts section.  I highly suggest you take a nose at their website, off you pop I'll wait here til your done...

So anyway, whilst I took a gazillion shots only a few came close to making the grade.  I came to favour one particular model as not only did she remind me of a cross between Lily Cole and the more fun one out of Frozen but she was the only one that didn't need a feck load of red eye reduction.

Its Anna, with only one plait!
Being newish to photography this is my main bugbear at the moment as I've yet to master the art without making my subject look like an Anime character.

When it was over, the compare really got stuck into his 'you know you want a new car' spiel, unveiling one I've forgotten the name of but which they were sure would piss all over whatever car we had at the moment.  Apparently it's lighter and more luxurious then the previous awesomeness Mercedez-Benz offered though I'm guessing from the sound of the engine it's not more environmentally friendly.  We'll gloss over that and instead I'll show you a toddlers-eye-view of the beast in question. 

Ta-frickin-dah - It doesn't get any better than that now does it! 


Emily Maltby said...

Such a shame we couldn't see the whole outfit, fancy not reading out were the items were from loud enough! I'd love to go to an event like that, lovely post.

TmS said...

Right?! What were they thinking! Thanks hun. Much appreciated.

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