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Friday 4 December 2015

Curls: to Covet or a Curse?

I never really thought much having curly hair, it was what it was but then I saw The Lost Boys.   If you’re under 30 look it up, it’s a classic film that, apart from starring Jason Patrick, Kiefer Sutherland AND Corey Haim gave me my first girl crush. Her name was Jamie Getz and she had the most beautiful hair ever.  It was big, beautiful and most importantly curly, like mine. 

She so purdy!
13 yr old me looked nothing like my idol but as I got older it was pointed out to me that curly hair is something that people found attractive (I'll wait you here while you barf in a bucket at this myself comment). That said I wasn't particularly good at styling it back then and ever since have been on the look out for that perfect product.  So when a rep from Umberto Giannini contacted me to ask if I fancied trying out their Curl Friends products I jumped at the chance.  And they were generous enough to send me the whole range. 

I've tried them all over the past month and not just in a cursory way.  The products are empty and I mean 'water added and bottle shaken to try and get one more use out of them' empty. I was instantly enamoured with the scent which was fragrant but not in the least over powering.  It reminded me of the suntan lotion I used as a kid, so good memories!

I was looking forward to the intensive conditioner as using dryers, curlers (for a more-Lorde-less-birds-nest look) and when I fancied a change GHD's, meant my barnet has been through the mill.  This felt super smooth on application but in truth wasn't quite so salon ready the next morning and I'm still not sure it actively helped the condition.

The nourishing oil worked well when applied (sparingly) to damp hair and small sections twisted to aid the natural curl, But it's the scrunching jelly that proved to be my favourite product.  It can leave your hair a little sharp in texture, as pretty much any other holding product I've found that works so you may not be able to run your fingers through long hair like they do on the adverts without some scalp pain. But it does hold a beach wave all day which is quite the feat in itself.

Then I went and did an odd thing, I got all my hair cut off.  Seeing as I hadn't had short hair since I was 3 it was quite a big step so my hairdresser and I discussed a long bob to ease me in.  Then with the dual persuasions of him basically knowing better and a glass of prosecco I got talked into a shorter do. 
I’ll admit to being a little concerned at the wet look version of my new style, but with encouraging comments from the staff at Adamson Berekoff and watching my natural curl rise from the weight of 35 years of the same style I found myself feeling empowered.  Rebelling against the value of attractiveness I held/had been taught, shorter hair seems to be a hit with friends, family and more importantly with me.  I'm very much enjoying the extra time I have as washing and styling it takes minutes not hours, plus it's much less sweaty at gigs! 
Shorter hair is where Umberto Giannini scrunching jelly and mousse come into their own. These products give a controlled curl without looking too 'done' and the length means I can run my fingers through my hair without scalping myself.  While at times I do feel a pang of conscience when I see images of a pre chopped me all in all I'm feeling... well like this: 

What are your best styling tips?


Gemma Dorling said...

Think I'm going to pick up some Umberto Giannini scrunching jelly and mousse and see if it helps revive my curls. I might step away from the GHDs then!

TmS said...

Yeah do it! Reckon the scrunching jelly will be most helpful.

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