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Sunday 22 November 2015

Local Review: The High Tea Club

The phrase East meets West get bandied around fairly frequently and the other week I found myself thinking it again when I attended The High Tea Club. As a venue it’s small yet perfectly formed with 3D dresser drawers on the wall and elegantly written messages on the bathroom walls, who doesn't like something to read while you wee! These details add a quaint charm and with the right lighting it could be an instagrammers dream!

Other than the usual British afternoon tea, you also have the option of dim sum, we got to try both which is ever so handy when you are reviewing the food at an eatery. The tea cake stand and dim sum dishes were served with care and attention and thoroughly enjoyed by myself and my hungry blogger comrades... after we’d taken our 50,000 photos of course.  My only slight grumble is that there were only six small sandwiches on the British afternoon tea stand which I felt to be a little sparse. It's altogether possible this is due to my being spoilt by afternoon tea at The Ritz though where they treat you like Foie gras geese and you, in turn, act like them by eating until your stomach lining splits. 

That said the tiny macaroons brought in from local suppliers, were beautifully delicate and moorish and the Dim Sum made a great alternative to the traditional teatime options. While I don’t pretend to ‘get’ all the flavours, there’s definitely something that tastes like savoury marshmallow there, I did appreciate the juxtaposition of scones and sesame prawne toast.

Where The High Tea Club shines is their selection of teas. There are several types spread over four pages including seven or eight mesmerising flowering teas.  I tasted 'Mountain Dream' and having been served this type before in a tall glass I wasn't sure the see through pot would give the flower enough room to flourish. While I feel the bloom could well have stretched higher I think we got to see most of the impressive effect.  The staff were chatty and accommodating noticing our empty pots and offering to refill them mentioning that the flavour of the tea is better second time around anyway, a point we found to be quite true!

If afternoon tea isn't your thing the day menu offers soups, sandwiches, pancakes and breakfasts until 5pm. After dark and the party continues.  This is when the cheese boards come out along with countless spirits and cocktails.  You can even continue your tea drinking with gin, vodka and whisky tea cocktails. So we can pretend we're there to be all refined and ladylike but for some of us there’s a good chance we’ll end up accidentally getting blotto’d.

I'm really quite looking forward to going back.

Have you experienced a fusion afternoon tea venue?


Erin said...

That looks like such a cute, unique place! The macarons look so lovely :) Also, I've never had flowering tea, it looks like such a beautiful thing to witness!


TmS said...

Thanks Erin, if you get the chance you should definitely try a flowering tea. They are so pretty and taste amazing!

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