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Monday 5 October 2015

Review time: Not A Jewellery Box

I've been lucky enough to be sent an item from a newish company called Not a Jewellery Box.  NAJB began 5 year ago when director, Emma Cox, decided to get all the jewellery she wasn't wearing that much organised.  I can totally relate here, I have tons of accessories that I love but that are sitting around half forgotten in boxes or hanging haphazardly on hooks.

When I was on holiday in France I wanted to take an array of pieces with me, which I ended up carrying around in a plastic apple - more normal than it sounds.  Having looked over the website however the little book of necklaces/earrings look to be those “Oh thank God someone made that” super cute inventions that the hyper organised, or those that aim to be, will love. They come in an array of colours and are pretty reasonably priced too, even for a freelancer with minimal cash.

In keeping with the name I am reviewing not a jewellery box, but this cute heart pendant by Blue Lace Designs - incidentally the designer of which is Emma’s BFF.   It can be clipped onto the necklace or used as a zip pull decoration or charm.  I'm a big fan of hearts, feathers and arrows on jewellery so this little blue beauty is right up my street. 

It’s a little awkward to pull the clasp back and I don’t recommend you do it with painted nails, gels will be fine but ‘normal’ varnish will take a beating. That said its fast becoming one of my go to accessories, the leather strap softens over time and can be adjusted to fit a bunch of different lengths.  

I decided it can even be used as a headband as well, not sure that was the aim but it stayed put, looked cute (how many times have I said ‘cute’ in this post!?) and didn't pull on my hair. 

Not too shabby for Rachel! (sorry old friends’ quote. I mean Ally of course!)

What do you think?



She's A Gentry said...

This looks so pretty on you! I have a necklace similar so will definitely give it a go in the old Barnett! Great post! Kat xxx

TmS said...

Thanks Chicka! No idea why I decided to put it in my hair but I think it worked!

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