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Friday 2 October 2015

Modish Shoes - Cambridge Art Fair Window Display

I'm aware the subject matter is flitting around all over the place on the blog at the moment. I hope you're enjoying seeing all the things I am into, kinda too bad if you’re not!  So from Photography and Music we now take a hand brake turn to art... and shoes.  Well this is me, you knew they’d be cropping up here somewhere soon, right?

As it's Cambridge Art Fair the window of Modish Shoes in Green Street has an artist’s studio window display.  Roof Brown (of 10:AM Design studio, and designer for Homestuff with History, another great find on the same road), designed the concept around a Tess Recordon painting which makes the focus of the display.  And its Ruth’s attention to detail that really transforms an independent shoe shop window into an art instillation. From the monogrammed shop name on the giant pencils to the table, which is actually a larger than life painter’s palette, the details make this display really stand out.

Modish Shoes, owned by Sarah Decent, advise they road-test every single pair of shoes they sell - now that sounds like a job I was born for, let me know if you're looking for any new testers Sarah.  They've also been recommended by The Guardian as one of the Top 100 Shoe shops in the UK and sell well known brands like Fly London and Calvin Klein.

Sadly the large painting in the window isn't for sale, but Sarah has an array of prints and greeting cards that are available by the same artist. The display and cards will be around to pursue and purchase until next Sunday.  Just one more reason to take a stroll down Green Street, one of our coolest roads for independent interior design and style. 

Have you seen any interesting window displays recently?

Tess Recordon Prices:
Greeting cards £2
A4 unframed print £48
A4 framed print £95
Large print unframed £250
Large framed print £350 


ShoesieQ said...

It is indeed a gorgeous window - thanks so much for blogging about it Ally xxx

TmS said...

No problems. Love the combination of art and shopping!

iwishicouldwink said...

Love the painting in the window - very original :)

Faye x
i wish i could wink

TmS said...

Isn't it? That ones not for sale but the prints are!

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