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Tuesday 1 September 2015

Review: Neoglow Earphones

Ever a fan of shiny, sparkly things, I'll admit to being a little giddy when I was approached to review Neoglow Earphones available at Genie Gadgets.  These nifty little blighters pulse a bright blue light along with your song choice. Or as the pros say "utilise sound reactive technology to illuminate in time with your treasured tracks"... so like I said.

They go on "With a micro USB cable and built-in microphone included, the Neoglow earphones come with everything you need to use them straight away with your smartphone or MP3/4 player". Well almost.  They come with everything you need except for a plug! This means you have to use a laptop or find an existing plug at home to connect to the lead as they do need charging when you first get them.  An effective cost cutting exercise I'm sure, it does seem a little cheap though. 

That said if you're anything like me you'll get a little kick out of seeing the colours dancing around and these earphones will most likely make a great stocking filler*. The neon blue is bright and with the nights drawing in will look incredible when you are on the way to see some fireworks or just wandering around outside past 4pm come December.

They sound great as well and while I'm not a headphone connoisseur I'd say the quality is no better or worse than my current 'fruity named' earphone's.  At £18.95 they're fairly expensive though not out of the league pricey, if you want a more affordable alternative there are standard glow in the dark headphones also available at Genie Gadget for only  £5.45. 

One basic issue I had was that they kept falling out of my ears. It may be my weird shaped lug holes but this is a bit of a pet peeve of mine (you have one job!).

Oddly I found a way to make it work by removing the plastic comforters they come with, so unless they are there to protect us all from going deaf I'm taking them out. I've asked if it's a safety thang and am awaiting a response which I'll update here as and when it arrives**.

It does seem that blue is the only colour available. Again I've asked and will let you know if any other colours are on the way.  I know, I'm ever unsatisfied but as the whole purpose seems to be a fun way to show your individuality it would be great to see them in different hues so you could choose the colour according to your frame of mind. 

Oooh now that's an idea, mood colours!  So if you're really fed up and stressed out they could glow red as a warning for people not to approach you.  Or if you're all loved up a pretty neon pink.  Think of the annoying situations that would avoid. 

So basically I want earphones that save the world from confrontation.  

I've digressed a tad now haven't I...

What do you think, would you invest in these?

*Oh God did I just make a reference to Christmas!
** Please note I am not recommending you do this it's just what I did wah wah wah disclaimer.



Anonymous said...

I think they look awesome! I would buy some if other fitting options were available, but I've never been able to wear in ear headphones as they make my ears SO sore. I always have to wear the ones that hook over the ear.

TmS said...

Yeah I like how they look too. Looking forward to wearing them this winter.

Aliya said...

I do like the look of them and was prepared to buy them when I first saw them last year...I think next time I wreck my earphones (which happens a lot more frequently than I like to admit) I might get a pair of these. Ta for the review - was useful!

TmS said...

Cool, let me know what you think. Remember to charge it fully and hold the button down for 5-10 seconds when you want it to start up.

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

They look pretty cool I must say. Not sure how others would feel having to look at the glow all the time, but a fun idea for sure!

TmS said...

Yeah its just a bit of fun I think. I doubt I'll be wearing them all the time.

Thanks for stopping by.

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