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Monday 14 September 2015

Get Out!

I’ll never understand people that holiday in the same place again and again.

I’m not talking about people that are working hard to provide for a family and can’t afford to leave the country for a vacation.  Or those that explore their own homeland, interested in finding out all they can about the place in which they were born. 

No I'm thinking of those that have the finances and inclination to travel abroad, but then only ever go to one destination.  Marbella can be lovely but is it really all you want to see of the world around you?  I'm sure Dubai is hella’ fun as well at times - if you like searing heat and designer gear.  However, unless you have family in these places to enrich your experience, are you honestly saying that all the other cultures of the world are not worth exploring?

This is not a judgement as your time is your own.  You can take a week off and do nowt but sit in front of the TV sucking down a bucket of cheeseburgers if that’s your desire. In my experience though, the more tolerable and interesting people I meet have been outside their own environment.  They've seen things they may not have understood, experienced different terrains.  Sure, at times they may have had the odd uncomfortable encounter if they haven’t bothered to learn the native language but that hasn't left them with anything worse than a funny story to tell*.   

I believe it’s meeting those from other cultures that mean we can debunk the myths and stereotypes that only seem to breed ignorance. With all the supposed 'facts' about refugees and the like that have been appearing recently, isn't it worth finding out for yourself what residents from other countries are truly like?

Plus you could get to see this sort of scenery….
Moustier St Marie

Lake Annecy

Not a bad way to spend a few days eh?

Get out there and let me know where you've been recently so I can add it to my list of places to visit.

*They being me in this case, you may well get said funny story another time.


Unknown said...

Great post! I hope you're having a wonderful time Alice, all that beautiful scenery is making me want to jump on a plane to France. Xx

Olivia -

TmS said...

Do it, do it now. See you in Champagne? ;)

Unknown said...

I agree with you, Ally. It's not easy for some people to get away, but I do think those that can, should. Our last holiday was in Kos – if you ever go, make sure you see the sunset from Zia. :)

Enjoy Champagne! And, if you want to bring a bottle home for me, that'd be okay. ;)

Emma xx

TmS said...

Yep, totally get its harder for some but if you can, I fully recommend experiencing many different places.

Will see what I can do about the champers, maybe a Champagne blogger party?

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