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Friday 14 August 2015

L'Occitane and Stella & Dot Event

So yesterday I got to hangout with some of the lovely #CambMeetUp bloggers again at a L'Occitane event.  This was in collaboration with Stella & Dot, a fairly traded (yip-feckin-ee!) jewellery and accessory company that holds home parties.  You know, where you go to a mates house, down a few glasses of wine and convince yourself you need new jewellery.  The sort of thing I do all the time,  convincing myself I need stuff that is, not the drinking... I'm not an alcoholic.
Not alcohol

Anyway. With Stella & Dot it's easier than usual as several items are actually two or three products in one.  Totes become cross body become clutch bags, necklaces can be worn 5 different ways - though not without a little difficulty eh Gem? Others that double up as belts, its practically like you're saving money rather than spending it - convinced? me too!

Having the event at L'Occitane was a stroke of genius too as the nibbles and drinks along with hand massages and gorgeous cherry blossom scents were almost too lovely to behold.  Weirdly most things I liked, both from Stella and L'Occitane, were £29.  Maybe it's a sign that this should be the age I pretend to be from now on.....

Question: If I'm 38 why is my hand 85?

Maybe not. 

I did finally get to introduce GirlRunningLate to all the blogger chicks I now hang with, which I am sure will result in yet more high jinks which I'll ramble on about, at length, here - lucky you!  Either way I had a blast but had to leave early as I've been a social wasp recently (more mental and zig-zaggy than a butterfly) and needed my beauty sleep.  As I may be having a Stella & Dot party myself later in September there's a chance you'll see more of their goodies here again soon. Jewellery, scents, friends and fabulousness.  What's not to like?

Have you been to a Stella & Dot night?

What's your favourite L'Occitane scent?



Lauren said...

Love this! It was such a fun evening, thanks so much for attending. Looking forward to bringing you lots of bling :)

TmS said...

Me too! Had a great time.

pippa said...

Love this :) xxx

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