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Tuesday 18 August 2015

OPI and Philosophy Product Review

Alright, so a little while back I blogged about looking after my niece which a number of you have advised me you did read – so cheers for that.  Anyway the reason we were child sitting was because my sister got to swan off with her man to a highly desirable location for a party, I'm not saying where because it’s my life up for scrutiny here not hers. If you know me, you know anyway.  I will say I was surprised to learn she didn't bump into either BeyoncĂ©, Jay-Z or old Paltrow face.  What she did do was bring me back couple of top notch gifts perfect for reviewing!

Ah, is that "not telling you where it is" thing a bit pointless now?

Anyway here's the ‘ahem’ Miracle Worker anti-aging moisturiser from Philosophy.

First off let me just say Bloody Oi. ‘Miracle Worker’! Has it got to the point when I need a pot of magic to ensure I don’t look like Wrinkly Wrinkleson? NB: give said sister a slap upside the head next time I see her.   

OK let’s get into this easy open seal….*Pulls seal, notes lack of ease*.  Stupid. Easy. Seal *smacks pot on side of counter* seriously whoever made this was a… *lifts other side of seal, pops off straight away*.


Well on first impressions it’s thick.  Not me-being-unable-to-open-it thick but in consistency.  Thicker than any other moisturiser I've ever used, it felt more like a mask than a moisturiser.  So much so I had to double check the package but no a moisturiser it is - have I said moisturiser too much here? Possibly better suited as a night cream then a make-up base, it sunk in nicely nonetheless.

I've been using it for a couple of weeks now and I've no idea if it has halted the signs of aging in its tracks but all the bits of my body it has gone on are very soft.  If you fancy finding out if I do look any different, head on over to my Instagram page.  There you’ll find an embarrassing number of selfies which you can compare to any that were uploaded over 2 weeks ago.  Feel free to follow me and let me know if you think the latter images look to be more youthful.   Actually that looks a bit like I'm compliment fishing which is just tooooooo cringey so do what you want.

Next it’s onto the OPI Glamour Party Mini Collection.

I have a proper thing for mini nail varnishes.  Mainly because I love an abundance of colours with which to lacquer my nails.  This means I have a stupid number of different shades and they pretty much always dry out before I've worn even a third of the bottle.  Mini’s are therefore more likely to be used up properly and means I have room in my drawer for even more colours.  It’s a win/win.

OPI is one of my favourite brands, I find it stays on longer than others and tends to dry to a smoother finish. These colours are a great choice for me and the rapid dry top coat works in minutes.  Seconds if you count about 120 of them.

Oh the apple? That had 7 lovely chocolate truffles in.  I can’t really review these as I shoved them in my face too quickly, so I suppose they can’t have been that bad eh?

What do you think of Philosophy and OPI products?



Amalia Fitry Baruna said...

personally for me I'm more of a OPI person because the quality of it :D



TmS said...

They are one of the best varnishes on the high street for sure.

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