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Sunday 5 July 2015

Sparkles and Spa Days - Bacoca Boutique Post

OK.  Let's not beat about the bush, this is a sponsored post in collaboration with Bacoca Boutique.  All opinions and ponderings are my own though, promise!

Recently I came across “Be more on it – A/W pieces you have to buy NOW!” In my latest InStyle.  Aside from the awful job they did on airbrushing Reece Witherspoon’s face there’s a couple of things about this that need to be said.  First off I'm still very much enjoying my Vitamin D hit and don’t want to even think about purchasing a coat right now, give over about Autumn already.  Secondly, why do magazines seem to insist on telling us what we MUST do?  Guide us, give us your opinion sure but don’t tell us!   As an independent woman I find one of life's greatest pleasures is being able to decide how to treat myself for myself! Which got me thinking about that very thing.

For me Jewellery has always been a real pick me up (said every woman ever!).  I’ll admit it took a while to get on board with the stronger statement looks, but one make I do like to experiment with is Bacoca Boutique. Nothing says summer like glistening non-apologetic in-your-face jewellery and Bacoca has every shiny, sparkly, fun look under the sun.  Which incidentally is where I like to wear their pieces.  Bold ‘know yourself’ kind of people will most likely enjoy their necklaces which are perfect for adding a little ‘attention grabbing attitude’ to your outfit on a summer evening.

Personally I’m fond of the bright cuffs, wrap bracelets and hair bands, which come in an array of pretty colours and really appeal to my inner magpie!  Being so affordable it means I can indulge without that nagging feeling I get much more often now that I’m freelance.

The big news this summer is that Bacoca have those metallic tattoos as seen in Stylist which are bang on trend - I’m waiting for the gold ones to arrive as I write.  If you don’t believe me or Stylist, believe The BlondeSalad – she’s been on the cover of Italian vogue don’t cha know?  

Bacoca Boutique Jewellery has been available on line for a year now but if you’re lucky enough to be spending some quality time at the Imagine Spa at Cambridge Quy Mill you can now see their products first hand.  Which brings me round nicely to another way I like to spoil myself (this isn’t just thrown together you know!)

The Quy Mill’s Spa has a genuinely peaceful feel to it, probably due to the max 20 people allowed rule. That said I was stressed when I arrived for my facial on the hottest day of the year after a trying conversation with a client.  On entering the perfectly temperate reception I noticed pink and white petals and ever light LED candles along the hallway of the treatment rooms.  Starting to let go of the annoyances of the day I felt quite comfortable in the presence of the delicate looking beautician. 

For a slender girl, she had surprisingly strong hands and I was cleansed, scrubbed and slathered to within an inch of my life.  Who knew it felt so blissful having someone smoosh your face around like a pot of plasticine?  The cooling flannel and face massage that I received towards the end of my treatment was exactly what the doctor ordered. In 30 minutes she had worked out all of my woes and then popped me back in the waiting room with a drink of water, where the Bacoca Boutique Cabinet beckoned me.

Well if you’re going to treat yourself you may as well go all out, right?

 What's your favourite way to treat yourself?


alice said...

The spa sounds and looks lovely, I really need to treat myself to a spa day!

The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

TmS said...

I would recommend it. We all need a spa day every now and then!

Venetia Kamara said...

The third necklace is stunning!
So stylish! xx

Style with Veni | Fashion Blog

TmS said...

Right? It's a real statement piece! You can get it here:

Unknown said...

Beautiful jewellery :P

TmS said...

So reasonable too! Definitely a good way to treat yourself on a sunny afternoon! :)

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