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Thursday 30 July 2015

Cara-Crash TV

So, if you're up on your frivolous and unimportant news, yesterday you would have seen an interview with Good Morning Sacramento (GMS) and Cara Delevingne while she was promoting her movie Paper Town.  I'm not Cara's biggest fan seeing as her face pretty much saturated the market last year and frankly I just got bored of her, however I have seen a more appealing side to her recently.  She seems to be rather good at being normal, Instagraming a video of herself falling over as a case in point.  So I'm all up for forming a second opinion and I got the chance when I saw said interview.

Yeeeah, didn't start well did it?  The time delay between Sacramento and New York obviously didn't help the flow, but equally neither did the interviewer getting her name wrong.  Carla? Seriously if you don't know who you're interviewing at least read the fact sheet you should have been given!

True, Delevingne wasn't exactly a bubbling mass of energy but seeing as a) it was the morning and b) she did say she had been to a Paper Towns premier the night before, this allows for at least a little lethargy on her part doesn't it?  And if your interviewee is a little unresponsive isn't it then your role as a professional host/news anchor to encourage and put the subject at ease? Thereby getting the best from your guest and ensuring the rest of the time is more comfortable, right? Apparently not if you're the hosts of GMS.

They decided to ask stupid questions like 'Does being busy make it easier to focus' (eh?) and patronising questions like whether she got a chance to read the book in the first place. 
Zach Braff knows this to be bad form.
Then when her humour didn't come across that well they hassled her about not being into the interview.  As she still wouldn't bite they resorted to getting rather catty and suggested she go have a nap and get some red bull, finishing the whole thing off by bitching behind her back when she had gone - All wildly unprofessional.

While Cara's performance wasn't particularly sparkling its the sheer playground tactics employed by the GMS team when things didn't go their way that I disliked. So I'm team Delevingne all the way. 

In case you didn't see it, here's the interview  What do you think?



Anonymous said...

I am ALL for team Cara in this case. The interviewers were unprofessional and ill-prepared with crap questions, and to then be so rude about her afterwards was awful. I thought she was great but then I like a sarcastic sense of humour!

TmS said...

Same here. They really made themselves look petty.

Unknown said...

I was so shocked when I saw this yesterday! I've always enjoyed Cara's sarcasm and I found the interviewers to be so unprofessional and rude - but she handled it well I think. Xx

Olivia -

Unknown said...

That's so petty! I can't believe anyone in the industry could be so unprofessional!

Lauren xx | The Lifestyle Diaries

TmS said...

Right? What were they thinking!

TmS said...

It was so cringeworthy wasn't it? She didn't seem too bothered though which makes me like her all the more!

Unknown said...

Ouch! I was thinking at one minute "this isn't so bad" and then it nose dived. I quite like Cara - she seems like she's having fun and doesn't give a hoot what other people think. I love how she can look totally dishevelled the night before (and not care about getting papped like it) and then kill it the morning after in some big luxury ad campaign, got to give her kudos for that!

Laura | Loved By Laura

Unknown said...

Finally saw this tonight and, yes, totally agree with everything above. The GMS people should be totally ashamed about the way they treated Cara; but they won't, unfortunately. Why can't everyone be nice? :)

Emma xx

TmS said...

Yeah, I'm coming round to her now that she's not on every single advert of every luxury item ever. #SlightExageration.

TmS said...

Now that is a bloody good question!

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