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Monday 22 June 2015

Food Review - Wasabi Opening

The trend for Japanese food has long been a popular choice for us Cambridgites, Yo Sushi in the 'here and now' and Itsu in the 'coming soon' era.  On 18th June it was the turn of Wasabi to have their moment in the spotlight.   

The dining area is everything you’d expect from an eastern inspired eatery and a clean crisp minimalized decor of cream and sharp apple green greeted us as we entered the sunlit room. Aloe Vera water and Plum tea were on hand, though an acquired taste the supposed benefits of aloe vera meant I had to at least give it a try.  Very sweet and very odd it was too!  

No sooner had we sat down then tray upon tray of sushi and sashimi started to appear. Chive covered sticky rice with salmon, prawns or tuna were presented to us in varying degrees of heat.  For those that aren’t fish fans there was gently sweeten chicken curries, both mild enough for the most delicate of palates - wussbags like myself! or with a real heated kick.  

The ingredients are all freshly prepared that day but the fact that they can no longer give left over food to charities does leave a somewhat bitter taste in my mouth, along with the saltiest soy in the south!  James Brown, the Operations Director, is hoping this will change soon quoting  French law as something he is eager to see over here for restaurants.

When asked what they intend to do with upstairs space, other than serve hungry diners, Brown advised he would like to offer sushi lessons and possibly even Japanese film or studio ghibli showings.  He was however cautious not to confirm anything “we’re going to let the store bed in then see what we can do” Brown confirmed.

A couple of gripes – com’on you knew I had to balance it out right?  Firstly the charge of 5p for soy or wasabi packets seems a bit stingy.  Also the set up hasn’t been given a great deal of forethought.  Queues form during the busy lunch period meaning the food is hidden and you have to squeeze your fingers through the people gaps to grab your snacks.

That said I welcome the Japanese style dining choices that are springing up all over town. Cambridge really has got its foot firmly on the accelerator when it comes to dealing with our sushi desires.   



Anonymous said...

So would you say you prefer Wasabi or Yo Sushi? Or do you prefer a different one altogether?

TmS said...

Oh good question! Wasabi is cheaper and just as fresh as Yo. In an ideal world I'd go for an independent Sushi maker though.

Unknown said...

Wasabi seems like a good place to go but I haven't see one around me yet! BTW you took such a good photo that make me want to eat sushi tmr!

TmS said...

Look out for them, they seem to be popping up all over the place!

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