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Friday 12 June 2015

Strada’s #SecretSupper - Tiramisu to the Rescue!

The perks of being a blogger are almost never ending in a vibrant town city like Cambridge, which is why I find myself on the receiving end of yet another free meal.  Thanks to Pippa of Clashing Time I was +1’d to Strada’s #SecretSupper event on 9th June.

We arrived promptly and ventured in wondering how secret the supper would be, turns out not all that! The whole back of the restaurant had been cornered off and several other secret supper-er’s were already seated.  We were treated to a refreshing glass of prosecco and both commented on the set up.  I had expected to be surrounded by platters of food at a mingling opportunity, however we found ourselves at tables for 2 or 4.  I feel Strada missed a trick here as the displayed food would have made for some terrific shots.  

We decided to mingle anyway, chatting away to the manager of Heffer’s, Sweaty Betty and a couple of off-duty model types at tables either side of us.  I don’t think they minded, either that or they were too polite to say they didn’t want mealtime conversation with complete strangers.  

The food started to arrive.... and arrive and arrive and arrive!  Before we had even looked at the lunch menu we were to be sampling we had enjoyed several different tasters.  Mouthfuls of peppery vegetables (which I will forever remember as spicy spoons!) pesto pizza bread, carbonara cups and ravioli were all presented to us.  The highlight had to be the vegetable risotto, fresh and clean with a hint of mint it wet our appetite for the dishes to come.

I opted for Capresse Salad, a tomato, basil and buffalo mozzarella starter.  A little high on tomato/low on basil for my taste but wonderfully fresh and fragrant nevertheless.  Next was what I can only describe as a mountain named Cavatappi Genovese.   

The double carb load of new potatoes and pasta accompanied by runner beans, pine nuts and mouth wateringly tasty pesto was well worth the cost alone.  Had I been paying that is - sorry to rub that one in again!
For dessert I plumped for an Italian speciality, Tiramisu.  Now, my husband makes a killer Tiramisu so Strada had a real challenge on their hands.  So many places don’t include the alcoholic liquor or smother the delicate flavours with too much cream so I’ve learnt to curb my expectations.  But in this case I needn’t have.  This dessert really hit the spot and the portion size was perfect, enough to feel indulged but not so much that I morphed into the massively greedy pig-faced girl... which is a tad closer to the truth!

A representative advised me “Strada is owned by Sun Capital Partners and there is lots coming this summer to look out for”.  She continued “New dishes on the seasonal set menu (are) to launch soon as our Chef changes the dishes every few weeks to let guests try fresh new ingredients and his latest ideas”. 

And in case, like Pippa and I, you’re wondering where Strada Instagram is apparently it’s “coming soon”.  When it does I’m sure the Internet will be awash with images of their incredible desserts!  

I can’t wait to go back.

Strada's Lunch menu is available from 12 - 7pm, three courses for £11.90, bargainious huh?


Unknown said...

that dessert looks soo good ♥ i bet it tasted really awesome :(

TmS said...

It was so good, will definitely be having it again!

Unknown said...

Looks yum!!!!!!!!! Thats so cool you can have them for free, and delicious too! x

Unknown said...

The food looks delicious - I remember only good things from when I went a while back.

See you Wednesday for a serious sushi feast! Xx

I haven't purchased any new Benefit makeup in years, but there's so much good things being said about their launches at the moment that I think I need to head down to a counter for a little splurge! Xx

Olivia -

TmS said...

Yep I was very lucky!

TmS said...

Why thank you!

TmS said...

I would concur, it is a place I would go to for a meal out, or just tiramisu out!

Emma said...

Lovely write up, Ally. I'm hungry now! ;) See you for sushi tomorrow! x

Emma -

TmS said...

I have to stop looking at it now, otherwise I will go and get 4 helpings of tiramisu!

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