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Monday 8 June 2015

Are comments digital crack?

One of the great things about getting to know other bloggers – both locally and on twitter, is the amount of comments I am receiving on my posts.  It’s so lovely to see that people bother to leave a note advising why they liked my ramblings.  My last 20 or so posts have all had at least a few comments which I’m genuinely pleased about.  But there is a darker side to getting comments and I’m not talking about trolls.  No, this one’s on me. 

You see comments are like crack, you get one hit and there’s this whooooosh of joy.  It’s all rainbows and unicorns the first day you see that “comments awaiting moderation” link with a number next to it instead of a big fat '0'. 
Boom! I've arrived!
But all too quickly the high wears off and you get itchy for more.  Problem is, now one comment doesn’t give you that euphoric state, you need two, then five!  Maybe you’ll be happy if you reach double figures, maybe fifteen is the magic number?

You begin refreshing the stats page, repeatedly hoping for that adrenaline rush.  Each time you see '0' the addiction grips a little tighter until you find yourself doing the unthinkable.... Commenting on blogs

You'll find yourself desperately agreeing with other bloggers on topics you couldn’t give a tiny rats arse on!  Going to blogs you would never have dreamt of visiting just to widen your comment catching net.  

“Hello tech blog, yes I find C++ a real pain in the bum too” *wonders if it’s called C++ or just C+ cos C++ would just be a B- right* #CommentBack?
(yes it's real)
Hello blob fish worshipper, what truly beautiful creatures! #CommentBack?

Sooner or later you hit rock bottom....

Yes vegan blogger, I feel the same way you do *wipes sauce off face from bacon, egg and cheese sandwich* #COMMENTBACK!?

It’s a slippery slope and a long of route(r) to recovery so please, be careful out there.

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