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Friday 8 May 2015

Treat Yo'self! - Mini MAC Makeup Review

Some days the feeling washes over you, when for no apparent reason the need for a little something (as Pooh, Winnie the called it) burrows into your brain and takes hold until you give in... Today was one of those days.  I can't tell you why I needed the MAC Too Short Skirt nail varnish so much, just that I did.  The fact that it was sold out in the London store where I first tried to buy purchase a bottle may well have been the crack that broke the crack addict's resolve, not that there was much of said resolve in the first place.  Either way it's not important that I caved to like Clegg did to Cameron (cheap shot I know!) all that mattered is that I decided it was Treat Yo'Self time!...

It is NOT insane Ben!

So now for a quickie review
Things I like about MAC Too Short Skirt
  • The name
  • It dries super fast, practically the Usain Bolt of varnish
  • Very cute spring/summer colour
  •  It can be used alone or add an extra dimension to a darker shade
  • Alone no one will tell if a bit has chipped off (playing the low maintenance game)
Things I dislike about MAC Too Short Skirt
  • It feels proper scratchy when you try to remove it, nails down a black board ick. 
  • It does not want to be removed and takes FOREVER to really come off.
  • The colour comes off first, so it looks like you have a serious calcium deficiency when you first try to remove it
  • It's heavy like it's suffocating the nails, which I guess in a way it is.  It's just that some varnishes don't seem to have the same sensation.
  • Price - It's a tenner, which, when compared with some nail lacquers isn't all that bad, but is still a fair old whack from a meagre pay packet...
Hello Louboutin goodbye £36
All in all though, I'm pleased I bought it.  What did you last treat yo'self to?



alice said...

For me, the pros of this definitely outweigh the cons - I think you had me at Usain Bolt of nail varnishes!

The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

TmS said...

Right? It's definitely worth a go.

Thanks for stopping by.

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