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Thursday 21 May 2015

Cool, Cute and Pitch Perfect 2 - Anna Kendrick

Look I like dudes.  My husband, the Winchester brothers, dudes yeah? …. that said there’s this woman I’m having serious girl crush feelings towards.    Yes I too am a victim of the Kendrick Crush. 

I couldn't even tell you when I first fell for Anna Kendrick.  I saw her in the twilight movies - yes I watched them all, yes I agree they got progressively worse - and thought her normal, cute even but not someone I would pay that much attention to.  It may have been Up in the air when I first found her to be believable as something other than a high school girl with a crush on vampires and the like and it was all uphill from there.  The reasons are several fold: 

Pitch Perfect – Both 1 AND 2
I love films which pretend to be normal chick flicks but are actually witty, clever and properly funny.  You know that difficult second movie usually falls flat having not enough of what we loved about the first one?  Well PP2 is the exact opposite of that! it may be the best attempted at a sequel ever. It’s so un-PC that it circles round to being right-on as if you get offended by the remarks made you’ve missed that they’re poking fun at people who really do think this way. In Pitch Perfect Anna, yes we’re on first name terms now, plays at being cute, cool and flawed all at the same time whilst making me laugh.

That poster stance

So she didn’t go all sexy for the promo, big whoop! So glad she didn’t and so glad we the people have backed her all the way.  Making feminism more about empowering women than slagging off men is always gonna get my vote.

That she wanted to kill herself when Spencer Pratt favourited one of  her tweets makes my need to meet her all the greater.  

Here are a few others that sealed the deal for me - Seriously people, this shit should be taught in schools.

Not sure if this is her or a professional but I wanted every single item she wore on PP2.  Not literally obvs, other than that the costs would render me homeless (chic but homeless) they would most likely fit a doll before they fit me..... Anyway!

That little kilt is so cute I could die.
The girl has given us all something else to think about when it comes to ‘girls’ and ‘cups’ than that video.  A friend of mine has taught me the actions (to Anna’s cups not the other one!), now I just have to get my hands and voice to work at the same time.  More difficult than it looks….

Aside from the fact that Anna is so darn cute you could just put her in your pocket, she comes across as such a doll that I need to find out what’s in her DNA that others don’t possess. Experiments are required! Not put-her-in-a-box-cut-her-up experiments (oh would you look at that I took it some place weird!)  Just someone do a test or study on how you stay grounded and funny. Who in your life taught you to gain or keep that quality which means you're famous and successful yet people still want to drink beers with you? Was it all your own doing, in which case kudos but also HOW?!  

These are questions I may never get the answer to but at least I have @AnnaKendrick47 - See she doesn’t even need a ‘the real’ or anything in her twitter handle, content with being 47.  LOVE HER!

Just so's I'm not out here all on me'own fancy admitting your #GirlCrush?



She's A Gentry said...

The cup and girls made me actually lol. My other half was rather confused!! I think my girl crush is Jennifer Lawrence. She's just so bloody cool! Anna Kendrick is pretty UK there though. Glad you wrote this post- really made me chuckle and smile :-). Kat xx


TmS said...

Totally agree Jen L is def. up there too along with Emma Stone. Lots of cool girls in Hollywood these days.

Life At Victoria House said...

She is such a babe! I love her laidback attitude and I really want her hair!!! :)

Unknown said...

I thought Anna Kendrick was cool before I read this... but now I'm even more convinced!! I agree with Kat on Jen L too.. did you ever see the clip of her on the red carpet when Jack Nicholson chats her up? Priceless!! x

TmS said...

Get in line!! :)

TmS said...

I did she was adorable! Pretty funny most of the time. :)

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