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Wednesday 6 May 2015

Met Gala 2015 - China and.... Poppies?

Finally.  A theme that means even Madonna felt it appropriate to cover up, yes the Met Ball Gala has come around again.  This time the look was China: Through the Looking Glass and meant we were treated to some truly stunning gowns.  Why there were so many adorned with poppies seemed a little odd so I looked it up, seems it's a faux-pas on the part of the star's stylists.    Apparently In Chinese history, the poppy stings more than a rose thorn as it is widely associated with the Opium Wars in the 19th century.  It's possible they got confused with peonies (the traditional floral symbol of China) however they could have looked it up - took me all of 25 seconds to see this on wikipedia!  Anyway, slightly shaky history lesson over we can pop the awkward poppies to one side and concentrate on the gowns. Behold...

Rhianna - When you make Lady Gaga look a bit meh you know you're out there. I kinda love it but she is making a habit of wearing 'steal the limelight' dresses which could get old real quick! Plus do we think that is real fur?

Cara Delevingne - This is a hot mess, the 'tattoos' are not my thing and this image looks like she has a microphone coming out of her head.  The fact that this makes her look better shows what a proper fail it is.


Kendall Jenner - There's no denying she's drop dead gorgeous (more so than Kim even) but there's a bit too much boob for me here.  It wouldn't have taken much to cut a little more generously round the cup and cover her properly.

Anne Hathaway - Am captivated by this look but not sure it's in a good way.  It's a little too star wars screwed little red riding hood for me!

Carey Mulligan - Hates it! I think I''ll die of old age before I see Mullet loving Mulligan to wear something even vaguely flattering!

Solonge Knowles - Dude I mean WTF?! Was this was meant to double as a sort of food tray so she can carry round some grub whilst mingling?  Do like the silhouette though (minus weird bib of course!)

Emily Blunt - This is so bizarre because I like blue, I like capes and I love Emily Blunt but I'm just not feeling this, it's all very underwhelming, you think?

Chloe-Sevigny - Oh Holy Crap. This girl makes Carey Mulligan look positively ravishing!

Lily-Collins - I kind of love this, understated but that veil it gives it an interesting twist.

Poppy Delevingne - The only one that can get away with wearing poppies, Love this look very January Jones!

Sarah Jessica-Parker - Riiiiight.  This is a little too 'my children made this so I'm wearing it no matter what' for my taste.  She is SJP though so can dress like a greek goddess that has been set fire to if she wants to.

Bee Shaffer - Hands down this is my favourite look, the view from the back is exquisite! Is it bad to admit I had no idea who this was until I looked her up?

Finding out out Bee is Anna Wintour's daughter and learning about Chinese History.   It's been a learn something new kinda day! What was your favourite or most pukesome look?

Images from Vogue-GettyImages


Unknown said...

some of them just dress awful!! totally disappointed what Cara wore! thx for sharing x

TmS said...

True there are some poor efforts. Many were beautiful though!

Thanks for stopping by.

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