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Monday 4 May 2015

Ely Food Festival - Heavenly Eats!

Inspired by other foodie bloggers and eager to latch onto anything which promises food and funky alcohols, yesterday I ventured to Ely Food Festival.  Within 5 minutes of arriving I had already had a nip of Ely Gin, a company which flavours rather than produces its own spirit and a shot of Richsips Espresso Vodka, a strong start I felt.

Further down the marquee I discovered Truckles, which has to have one of the creamiest, smoothest, yet full of flavour cheddars this dairy fanatic has had in a while. The stall owner did tell me how it was aged and what went into the process of making such a kingly curd but I didn’t hear her... or possible wasn’t paying attention.  Free cheese – good cheese! was all I could think.

Amongst the stalls were many an interesting sight and smell, and as it was bang on lunchtime what to consume rather than minimally taste become paramount.  The competition was stiff with sausage rolls, Indian cuisine and hot dog stands all lining the green outside Ely Cathedral.  Unfortunately for them they all fell away once we spotted the rich gleaming red metal of the Steak and Honour van.

I had been trying to taste one of these gorgeous little treats for a while now but always late to food festivals I had yet to get there before the team ran out of steak, a fairly essential component in a burger.  This time I was not to be disappointed.  I don’t remember when street food stopped being grey, food poison-inducing slop and became a gourmet experience but I’m glad it has.  The humorous (at least I hoped) glare I received on asking if I could have mine without gherkins or onions sealed the deal, Gotta love service with a little cheeky personality.
Cheeky Chap!
As one customer stopped by to tell the chef “that was epic” I felt safe in my assumption this was going to be a king of all burgers.... I do so love it when I’m right.  £7 isn’t cheap but one taste tells you exactly why you’re paying that price, I highly suggest you just go try one.
Just look at those beauties!
Looking around at further offerings another of my favourite companies halted my advancement.  This one I have tried before and every summer without fail my eyes begin to subconciously hunt around the town for his old fashioned bicycle mounted with a vast freezer!  Jack's Gelato has the best ice cream outside, and quite possibly inside Italy.
His flavours are rich and non-apologetic, the mint choc chip doesn’t have any of that fake green colouring but tastes so strongly you couldn’t possibly confuse it with anything else.  The coffee ice cream has a real caffeine kick and the chocolate is truly intense, firing up your taste buds a treat and capping the afternoon in cool creamy style. 
Ely Food Festival is still on today (4th May) so if you're local you should get yourself down there pronto!.  However if food blogs or festivals aren’t your thing, ermmm.... Look! baby chicks!

What was your favourite stall?



Life At Victoria House said...

Steak and honour is incredible!!! So jealous :)

TmS said...

So true! Will be stalking them all summer now!

Unknown said...

We had the exact same day! The choice there was unbelievable but we ended up with my first Steak and Honour as well as Jacks Gelato! Left with some of the Ely gin! Glad you enjoyed it xx

Olivia -

TmS said...

Good choices! Hope you had as good a day as we did!

Unknown said...

Oh I wish I'd known that this was on, gelato?? I would have been there in a shot! Those burgers look something too! x

TmS said...

You should look out for both Steak & Honour and Jack's in town, they are pretty damn fine!

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