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Monday 27 April 2015

Victoria Beckham Store Review

We all (or most of us) now know that Victoria Beckham (nee Adams) has emerged as a serious fashion designer.  With several wildly popular collections under her belt since the line's conception in 2008 she finally opened her first boutique store in London's Dover Street last year. VB's ready to wear collection averages at around £1,500 a pop and with the diffusion line, Victoria by Victoria Beckham, also costing around £500 each she's not aiming for any customers under the top 2%.  So if you are just going along for a mooch around what can you expect?

On arrival we thought it was closed, but then there's no security guard with a key here - how 1990's of you to expect such a thing!  No, here we have a security guard with a remote control which he uses to slide a large metal block doorway into the wall, of course he does.

Inside is a stripped back/unfinished looking stairway with dark grey and pure white walls. Minimal clothing hangs from thick chains that are linked to the ceiling's exposed metal crisscross beams. Hagrid's brother could comfortably give him a piggy back around the store with no fear of smashing his skull in, such is the height of each floor.  

Mixed in with this stark hard look is a brightly coloured snap dragon plant, the scale of which now means the store takes on a Texas Chainsaw Massacre meets Fairyland On Acid vibe.  The small pink and white thing next to the plant is a dress which gives you an idea of what I mean.  
The bees are bigger than even Kanye West's head and almost as disturbing.  Whether this is VB's sense of humour or the designer's love of contrast I'm not sure, however there were some softer aspects to the d├ęcor.  The delicate scent of Diptyque candles waft around both floors, there are three in total but the bottom one (with the Damien Hirst heart on the wall) is only open to serious shoppers.
You'll need an epipen the size of the empire states building if this dude gets ya! 
 Happily, I didn't catch even a whiff of the usual 'you can't afford this' scent walking around.  The staff greeted us politely and seemed fine with our wandering around, trying on the sunglasses and taking copious selfies.
 It seems they're as happy being both assistant and museum curator as we are window shopping.  The structure and shape of the SS2015 collection will keep me lusting after her line for a while to come, but in the meantime I'll contend with pictures of the clothes rather than the real deal.

There may be enlarged insects around but for a high end store experience without the usual judgemental sting, I highly recommend hanging out at VBees!

Love Ally xxx



Unknown said...

I love VB's design style and she has certainly grown as a fantastic designer. Thanks for sharing your store visit with us. So many great pieces I see on those shopping racks. XO


Unknown said...

Wow it does seem that her sense of humour has come into it, what with the teeny tiny dress as well as the giant flowers and bees! Even if they're friendly though (the guards, not the bees!) I think I'd feel too self conscious with such a wide open space but so few clothes on the rack.

TmS said...

I know, they were so beautiful up close as well. #OneDay!

TmS said...

It did feel a little strange at first but I really liked it in the end. That said we didn't hang around long! Thanks for commenting. :)

Unknown said...

Hi, I am a new blogger so browsing around blogs and blogs, I like ur blog, good post!
I am going to follow every social feed you got. Hopefully you like my other social network and follow mine too :)

Hope we can support each other! <3 Have a good day xxx

Unknown said...

I love the design of the store and the fact you felt comfortable browsing rather than feeling judged by the staff.

I'm now off to dream about a wardrobe full of VB! Xx

Olivia -

TmS said...

Hi, yes I saw the follows thanks! Am following you now also. Hope you enjoy blogging as much as I do.

TmS said...

Same here, so much nicer than how some other stores can feel. I have been having that same dream all year! :)

GirlGoneDreamer said...

I've always wanted to pay a visit to a VB store but live no-where near one. Doesn't actually seem like I'm missing much although I do still love her line! Thanks for this fab post Ally! Can't wait for your next! Xx

TmS said...

The clothes were beautiful up close, the store definitely up for interpretation. Thanks for your lovely words though. Pop back any time!

Unknown said...

thx for follow me back xxx :) I am so happy!!!! xxx

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