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Tuesday 7 April 2015

Space NK London opens in Cambridge

Some days are just pure joy.  And when I first noticed signs in windows promising Cambridge’s own Space NK store I knew that 28th March, opening day, would be one of those days.  

According to the press release “Space NK Apothecary started out as a concept store in London’s bustling Covent Garden shopping district. A ground-breaking boutique – it was among the first of its kind, selling beautifully crafted designer clothing and accessories alongside a considered range of wellness and beauty products.”  So far, so usual however on entering the brightly lit and well laid out store I found it to be so much more than the candles and make up I had been expecting.

To the right the perfumery section had the scent of a French boudoir. A welcoming and heady mix of expensive and chic notes filled the shelves and beckoned me to try aromas other than my usual Chanel and Elie Saab offerings. 

More expensive and lesser known, to me at least, sun lotions are available round the corner from the till, for those ever hopeful of a light tanning this season.  

As is usual with opening days there was a metric f*ck ton of staff on hand to serve a glass of champagne or bucks fizz and help with any apothecary needs we may have had.  That said it did seem they hadn’t been briefed on where the stock was and I had quite the wait for my Nars Carthage hot pink lipstick.  They also didn’t have details of when the Win a Pashley Competition was due to finish - its 12th April in case you were interested.

When it comes to make up counters some of the girls did look to be over made up, a kind of 'more is more' attitude to cosmetics.  Others did have that enviable “dewy skin, perfected brows and lips” thing going on.

One of the issues they maybe didn’t bank on was the sheer number of happy shoppers and queuing issues arose...  In that there was no queuing system, we gathered round the tills like well turned out Zombies.

There did seem to be a definite preference to the higher spenders over the “I just wanted a nose around and maybe pick up a quick lipstick” bread and butter purchasers.  However the manager was very pleasant with a natural cheeriness and got me to sign up for my points card.  I would happily go back (on a quieter day) and can't wait for my promised "little treat” on my birthday.

Welcome to Cambridge Space NK.


Life At Victoria House said...

Hey love! Went in to Space NK the other day and they said that I wasn't allowed to take they might organise a bloggers meet up soon! xxx

TmS said...

Oops! Well they didn't seem to mind on opening day but count me in for a Bloggers meet up! That'd be the dream!

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