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Monday 23 March 2015

The Shoe Whisperer - Silver Wedding Shoes

So recently I was asked if I knew where to go for some silver vintage-esk shoes for a friend’s wedding.  Ever happy to help with any shoe emergency I set about looking for some examples, which has become this blog (I know, I know any excuse to write AND shop!)  NB: It is amazing how friendly some customer service staff become when you mention you are “shopping for a friend’s wedding” or if you're feeling cheeky ahem 'a client'.  But I digress, you didn’t come here to listen to me twitter on, you came for shoe knowledge – voila!

TK Maxx
Faithful Maxxy provides us with an array of goodies at ‘cutmeownthroat’ prices and these two little gems were no exception. The first pair were fairly high around the ankle as well as the heel so would require a little practise and may not be ‘vintage-y’ enough but they are ever so pretty!

This first pair are super sparkly (though they don't seem to be so in this image) and come with a matching bag if that’s your thing.  Also available in gold as you can see.
Though a darker silver I have it on ‘good’ authority from the sales assistant that these are comfier than they may look.  Try to ignore her upside down decapitated head in the background!

LK Bennett

A long standing favourite shop of mine (yes before Kate Middleton used to shop there!) these silver sling back sweeties are the most expensive ones I found but were one of my favourites.

Available in a beautiful iridescent gold or cream shade as well I figured if you can’t splash out for your wedding when can you?

Kurt Geiger
Back to the sparkles and the detail on these Miss KG shoes would make for gorgeous wedding pictures. The second pair are again a little darker but the design really draws your eye.
Burr Bridal
Finally we have a few from a proper bone fide bridal shop. More cream with silver accents than silver per say they nevertheless have a vintage-esk appeal.  All available to order as well so no issues with selling out of your size!
Man I love shoe shopping, even if it isn’t for me.


nancy john said...

I like sandals in black color with white dress

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TmS said...

An interesting choice! Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

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benilhalk said...

All these shoes are so adorable. We are marrying in Feb 2018 and would love to have a fun fairy themed wedding at the prettiest NYC wedding venues. So I have purchased a gorgeous fairy gown and now will look for beautiful white pearl shoes to match my gown.

TmS said...

Ah congrats! Hope you find something lovely. ❤

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