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Thursday 19 March 2015

Summer Time Jewellery by Bacoca Boutique

I defy any girl or guy, if that’s his thing, not to love finding unique jewellery it’s a basic human right…sort of. So when Hayley Brown walked into the latest conference I went to wearing a beautiful silver and black cuff a few of us had to know where she got it. 

Turns out it’s from her own company. Bacoca Boutique named after three adjacent neighbourhoods in New York, has been established for almost a year and their bold looks (no ‘wallflower wearers’ here) are sure to get you noticed. Comfort and glamour go hand-in-hand with the aforementioned cuff having a soft inner lining which is a thoughtful touch.  I’ve got my eye on their Slake Wrap as well as the ridiculously cute starfish hairband perfect for warmer weather - Come ON Summer! I asked Hayley about her company and its vision...

1.    What is your Company ethos?
The company ethos is to provide unique, original and gorgeous statement jewellery at affordable prices along with excellent customer service.

2.    Where do you get your inspiration for designs?
When choosing the jewellery I have to feel that it is unique enough and that chances are you won’t see it anywhere else on the high street.

3.    How are you able to keep prices so affordable?
Prices are kept reasonable by buying smart and because we do not have shop overheads.

4.    Where are your pieces sourced?
The jewellery is sourced from all over the UK.

5.    Are any of your items fair trade?
No, but that is an area that I hope to go into soon.

6.    What are your visions for growth?
The growth for Bacoca has been fairly rapid so far. Within the last year we have gained a loyal following on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram and now have our website live. Our vision is to now become a household name for any ladies looking for gorgeous statement jewellery.

7.    Any exciting plans you can tell us about?
We are always to looking to work with Bloggers (such as yourself) and we have also got some other companies looking to us to provide them with statement jewellery - watch this space!

8.    What in your opinion should jewellery provide a wearer?
The wearer should feel ultra glamorous. It should be an extension of the outfit [but] still be able to hold its own and be a talking point.

9.    What celebrity you would most like to see in your designs?
Lots of celebrities love statement jewellery, you only have to watch the Oscars to see that. However closer to home it would be lovely to see some of the gorgeous Towie or Hollyoaks ladies in some of my Jewellery. Maybe even Michelle Keegan.... fingers crossed!

10.    What would you say will be the biggest jewellery trend for Spring Summer?
For the summer I still think that gorgeous brights are in, so anything yellow or turquoise in either necklaces or cuffs would be fab especially with beautiful tanned skin on holiday. Another huge trend for SS15 will be the metallic tattoos.

We have it all on the Bacoca Boutique website!

Its early days for this vibrant jewellery line but if their pieces keep calling to me like this, I could be decked out in Bacoca all summer long!

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