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Sunday 29 March 2015

Girls Night out - My VIP Wardrobe

 So I don’t usually do the sort of posts that include outfit descriptions or OOTD (Outfits Of The Day).  Not that there’s anything wrong with them, many bloggers do it well and manage to receive many comments from other bloggers on their sense of style.   I can’t describe what I’m wearing without feeling like... well a massive twonk, however this weekend I was loaned a beautiful dress from My VIP Wardrobe. 

Hannah, the owner, made everything easy and the cost is just so reasonable.  Some of the dresses are quite expensive to buy, so to be able to hire one for between £18 and £30, wear it out, receive many a compliment and then send it back when you’re done is really tempting.  You don’t even have to clean it. 
This black, one shoulder dress with intricate waist detail was a perfect choice, it was classy and chic, yet so comfortable and fitted me like a glove.   I paired the My VIP Wardrobe dress with a silver and black cuff from Bacoca Boutique and some classic Louboutins (I know, I’m a lucky girl) and I felt like a million dollars.  Cambridge was happy help me celebrate with some good friends for our girls night out.

Cocoa Crisis - Probably contains all of your daily calorie allowance
First we went to Las Iguanas where the cocktails were cheap and fast flowing.  Cosmopolitans and Expresso Martinis were the first order of the night.

Next was The Hidden Rooms.  Cocktails there were a fair bit more expensive but Cocoa Crisis, a dangerously fantastic mix of alcohol, chocolate, butterscotch and cream was well worth the price tag.  These could go down way too easily if you weren’t paying attention (remember drink responsibly lovely legal aged readers!)  The Hidden Rooms had a delightfully low key non-existent dress code and the recognisable, if somewhat cheesy hits from 70’s 80’s and 90’s meant for an easy-going and fun evening.

Finally we headed to a member’s club that my friend belongs to, the name of which I’ll keep secret for now (intrigue is a b*tch eh?)  Here a DJ played some banging tunes and half the people looked like Proudlock from Made in Chelsea.  While their drinks were really quite cha-ching they were scrumptious.  Shame I can’t say where it is eh?

Ending the night in La Gardenias a famous haunt for anyone who’s around at 2am with the munchies.  Apparently ultra-famous ex-customers include Stephen Fry et al. from their time as students which I don’t doubt. Their chicken is exactly what you need to end a night out on a protein filled high.

I’ll be looking to My VIP Wardrobe for any events I have coming over the next few, hopefully, sun filled months.

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