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Friday 16 January 2015

The Best Boots in the World! - H By Hudson

Today I just had to add a little blog on one of my best buys ever.  Boudoir Femme is a boutique shop in Cambridge that I generally frequent to browse rather than buy (on acount of the clothes being awesome but over my part time girls budget).  Its here I found my new favourite boots from Hudson Shoes.

I'd walked by them several times and always liked their look so when I popped in and found my size just sitting there, calling me - I swear I saw an angelic light shining on them and a choir singing - I had to try them on.  

And then simply had no choice but to take them.  The fit is glovelike and the heel? that perfect height and width which means I look and feel stylish without fear of rolling my ankle or doing that 'constipated falling forward' walk so many girls do when their heels are wearing them. The distressed suede means I'm not too precious about them either. And they go with everything!

Just so that this isn't the worlds most gushing post I feel I should add a little balance.  The one thing about my beautiful boots that isn't the best is the strap keeps flipping inside the tongue, which hurts a bit after I've been walking a while and is pretty annoying.   Just not annoying enough for me to stop looking out for a second pair, at the rate I'm wearing them, they'll be worn out in no time...


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