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Friday 9 January 2015

Peoples Choice Awards - Red Carpet Review

Being the first red carpet of the New Year, The Peoples Choice awards feels a bit like a warm up to me.  Though they mentioned Taylor Swift and Jennifer Dior, I mean Lawrence, on the E! Entertainment, coverage neither were featured on the show.  But I'm easily influenced and the enthusiasm of the hosts managed to sway me somewhat, so welcome to my first red carpet review of 2015.  Over the next couple of months I'll be harping on about the style of those I felt knocked it out of the park and those that barely made it to the game.  Some of my opinions you'll whole heartily agree with shouting 'Yes Middle Sis you are bang on there'!  Others you'll probably be thinking 'What? woman you've lost it' but that's half the fun with fashion, its all relative, I'd love to hear what you liked and loathed.  Let us begin...

Portia De Rossi - Zuhair Murad
Loved her spiked earrings (gotta find where to get me some of those) and the cobalt pant suit fitted her well but what's with refusing to do the mani cam (close up manicure camera)? Get over yourself and while you're doing that stop going to the plastic surgeon, you're starting to look like a 55 yr old trying to be 40 rather than the 41 years that you are.  

Katherine McPhee - Balmain

Looking beyond beautiful, if a little vacant upstairs Katherine showed off low-key red carpet style at its best.  The monochrome dress with fairly daring cut outs was among the best dressed of the night. 

Sarah Hyland - Christian Siriano
While she was perfectly flawless in her silver layered gown, this look seemed a little contrived to me, more put together by a stylist than showing off her own style.

Anna Faris - Juan Carlos Obando
Why you would wear these two pieces together just doesn't make sense to me.  The low cut top and flash of mid rift in amongst the mass of ruffles looked very messy.  It was like she's wearing one of her barbie's tops and seems really quite dated, don't get it.  

Ariel Winter - Her older brother's jacket
I'm sure she thought this was a daring and outrageous choice but it failed miserably both live and in pictures. It gaped horribly as she walked and she seemed very conscious of herself in it.  I genuinely think she spilt a can of tomato soup all over the dress she planned to wear and grabbed a jacket from the nearest bouncer before getting out the car. 

Bella Thorne
This is how to wear a tuxedo Ariel.  I loved the hair and make up though I do wonder if those bee stung lips are God given and Is she really only 17?

Zana (do!) Roberts Rassi
For me one of the best dressed was a presenter of the E! red carpet.  This dress had so much going on but still managed to look like one ensemble.  Daring but without resorting to flashing too much skin it stood out as being chic, classy and cutting edge.  Sadly I know this isn't a greatly flattering image of it but trust me it was by far one of the most interesting things to be seen on The Peoples Choice Red Carpet.

You got any favs?

All images from E! Entertainment website (except the last one which I took from the telly!)

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