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Monday 12 January 2015

Golden Globes: Red Carpet Review

Okay NOW the 2015 red carpet season has begun as the E! entertainment Golden Globes red carpet coverage really kicked things up a notch or nine last night.  If you want the list of winners here they are courtesy of but there's lots to discuss so lets crack on shall we?
Taken from Cosmo
Rosamund Pike - Vera Wang
Erm, right, were this a blog based on her personality and sweetness it would have been a winning night for her.  She was so ridiculously convincing in Gone Girl and seeing as she has just had a baby 5 weeks ago her body was looking awesomes.  However the top of that dress was not flattering to her physique. If you saw the full gown it did have a certain regal quality to it but I feared the top was literally about to fall off at any point.  Not the greatest start...

Taken from ETonline
Amy Adams - Versace
Thank Goodness for Amy, she may not win any awards for being daring (am sure the Golden Globe she got soothed that sting!) however she always picks beautiful flattering dresses.  Loved the ruching  and one shoulder detail, I do prefer her in a deeper colour but the design was a good choice for her.  
Taken from US Mag
Lorde - Narciso Rodriguez
So the new Rooney Mara arrived wearing black which, yeah was a little yawnsville.  However her accessorising it with a gazillion diamonds along with her talent and generally seeming completely unaffected by her fame means she can wear whatever she wants.   I get it.
Taken from Eonline
Lena Dunham - Zac Posen
Okay bless her heart she seems like a genuinely sweet person and she knows she's not ever going to be on a best dressed list.  So what if she makes Zac Posen dresses look like oversized bin bags from a school project.  She doesn't care, Zac Posen doesn't seem to care so neither shall we.
Taken from US Mag

Emily Blunt - Michael Kors
Quickly becoming one of my favourite actresses this Brit seems to be able to wear anything and look ridiculously chic and sexy.  Grecian suits her, the colour suits her, those earrings which on anyone else would look like they had raided Pat Butcher's wardrobe suit her.  Bow down.
Taken from NY Times

Jessica Chastain - Atelier Versace
Such a gorgeous face, flawless hair, globes all perky and on show, the whole thing would have been topped off beautifully with the perfect dress.  Problem is Jess picked one made of recycled 1990's bin liners.  So close!

Taken from US Mag
Kiera Knightly - Chanel
...I always thought she could wear anything and looks insanely gorgeous. Guess I was wrong, unless Is she pregnant?
Taken from MTV
Emma Stone - Lanvin
Love it! only Em's can wear a jump suit with a f*ck off bow have it look so original, flattering and just beyond cool.  So pleased her hair is red again too!
Taken from Eonline
Anna Kendrick - Monique Lhuillier
Who's a pretty pretty princess then? this was so adorable I loved it, every little girl and gay boys dream dress.
Taken from Eonline
Salma Hayek Alexander McQueen
This is a true home run, Salma killed it managing to look sweet and girly yet age appropriate in this ridonkulously awesome gown. 

We'll bypass Ruth Wilson's efforts (look it up) and catch you on the next red carpet.

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Unknown said...

Great Golden Globes roundup ok here we go! Agree on all except I really loved that Jerry Hall feel Jessica gave us with her perky globes. LOL
Lorde was another pants favorite of the night, Amy in that Atelier Versace yes please. Salma was adorable.

Kiera wow she was such a letdown in Chanel no less and yes she's preggers. Anna was a sweet princess, she really came out of the woods. Great post darling! XO

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