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Friday 12 December 2014

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Report

The show that answers the question 'what happens when a really hot gazelle mates with a Disney princess' is back.  The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is an annual event that's eagerly anticipated in this household, though I'm sure my husband and I are looking at it from rather different perspectives.

One of the things I like about this show is we always get background from the models, a little of their personality and interests.   I also love watching the fittings and seeing all the normal looking people busying themselves creating wings for those that won the gene pool lottery to wear.

Now, I've been in the London Victoria's Secret store many times but not once have I seen any of the more 'interesting' outfit choices from the show available for the average Josephine.  While the actual bras are enviably gorgeous, some of the other items were a tad bizarre.

I guess that's what happens when you give your designers a lobotomy, 12 grams of coke and then shove them in a room full of pom poms, coloured plastic, scantily clad supermodels and say 'go create and don't come out until you've proved yourself do-lally!' 

With Ellie Goulding watching Ed Sheeran (she's reportedly who 'Don't' is about) and one of the One Directioners sat watching his bandmate's ex Taylor Swift there were plenty of Made in Chelsea style awkward possibilities.  Were this a contrived reality show I'm sure the directors would have taken advantage of the situation.  Luckily previous model Anne Vyalitsyna has been noticeably missing these past couple of years since her ex-boyfriend Adam Levine, hooked up with current model Behati Prinslow.  Thereby continuing the illusion that all the models think each other are just smashing...

The Fairy Tale scene was definitely my favourite, however the black and white section also killed it.  The whole atmosphere, music, lights, vibe and the background camera sneak peaks makes this look like the most fun you can have at a fashion show ever!   

As if to prove the point here's Ed Sheeran looking to be having the kind of day suicide bombers expect to have after they've martyred themselves.

Happy Christmas to Angels and Muggles alike!

All Images taken by me from my telly whilst watching the show on 4Music

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