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Friday 5 December 2014

Time to Say Goodbye to Made In Chelsea

I've written several blogs on MIC, you can find them here, here and the first ever one here but this is likely to be my last.  Much like a heroin addict reaching rock bottom last weeks episode made me decide to go cold turkey and stop watching for good.

I thought the first series was utter tripe and swore it wouldn't get picked up (how wrong was I?) but then something, or rather someone happened, Mark Francis Vandelli.  I know were we ever to meet he would probably ask me to calet his car or fetch him a glass of champagne but his comic timing and witticisms gave the show a dimension it hadn't had before, likability.  He made the show watchable but even he can't save it now and here's why:
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The Arguments never end!
Every time you think these kids can get along for two minutes either they f*ck it all up or the directors  insist the storyline needs another row and someone does something shit to someone else they are meant to care about.  While it has always been scripted and therefore not surprising, its like watching the same episode 137 times and I'm finally bored.

Sexual Amnesia.
Hypocrisy is rife in 'Chelsea'.  They may as well just come out and say "What X (insert name, usually Spencer) did by sleeping with Y was so out of order however in about 2 or 3 episodes I will do the exact same thing and insist it's different". And they'll get away with it as they all still want to be in the show so will forgive X just in time for the end of the series/Christmas Special.  We're building a repugnant generation by giving this sort of behaviour rewards of money and notoriety.

© Twitter / Binky Felstead

Binky's Lost it.
She used to be the nice, kind, normal one but since the whole Alex debacle she's turned into a dramatic harpy playing up to the camera for argument time. It's depressing to see her fall from grace.

The only bad thing about Marc Francis.  This woman has not a good word to say about anyone and has even fallen out with the only friend she had, other than MF.  Seeing her face most weeks and hearing the bile that comes out of her mouth is all too much.

Proudlock isn't as cool as I thought.
I thought he was different, more fool me eh? After the Lucy on/off/on again thing I've decided that while he's still the most sexually decent guy there - with the exception of MF -  he's a chicken.  Too scared to be in a shomance, but playing along to get time on screen.


Twitter. Spencer Matthews

Spencer is back.
I was talking with some friends a while back about who we would sleep with on the show and I claimed never with Spence.  "Oh you would.  You'd hate yourself afterwards but you would" I was advised.  I still hold I'd rather have all my hair pulled out with a pair of blunt spoons than go to bed with him, his persona is the poster boy for repulsion.  Three weeks with him gone have been lovely but all the adverts for next week claim he's back, and with a new idiot that has agreed to go out with him (had to go outside the SW3 area to find her though eh?).  I just can't look at that smug face anymore.

So I'm going cold turkey and its off the planner!  For the moment I feel good, strong even.  I just hope it holds on Monday at 9pm...

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