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Monday 8 December 2014

It's Totally Fair - Mill Road and Judy's Vintage Fairs

Two fairs in two days and the weather gods behaved perfectly!  

Mill Road in Cambridge has long been where to go for unusual nik naks and all the world and his wife came out to play for the annual Winter Fair.  If you're into antiques and crafts, which incidentally aren't just for lavender smelling ladies you'd love it here.  Better yet if you like countless stands with hot chocolate, mulled wines and ciders (personally I prefer a warmed cider to wine these days but I wouldn't disparage you for feeling otherwise) you'd definitely love it here. 

Wandering around with a warmed sausage roll that rivals my own - big headed I know but you really should try one before you judge me - and watching a band play a funky version of 'Just Dance' while dodging people with freebie mince pies and coffee, it's only the 8th but I may have overdosed a tad,  was a perfect way to spend a day.
Crafts available at one of the stands

I got to have a chat with the Romsey Town Rollerbillies, Cambridge's Roller derby team who were featured here in my blog a couple of months ago and see how the girl that broke her ankle is doing.  She's fine, wasn't dancing around or anything but that's to be expected.  And we all got to taste some warming Dr J's Gin, a bottle of which came home with us. 

Judy's Vintage Fair
Next is the at least tri-annual clothes fair that has in the past failed to impress. Sometimes the clothes there are as vintage as Kendall Jenner's fashion career and there are always a few jumpers available which make me wish the jumper had never been invented.  However, this time the Sue Ryder Vintage shop had some genuine 1960's jewellery available for a frickin steal and other stalls included countless genuinely vintage dresses and accessories.  

It's always a good place find a really unique Christmas present and somewhere to practise your haggling skills too (esp. if you spend as much as some friends of mine).  It also just happens to be a great place to discover local jewellery designers and then to have a spot of tea when you're all tapped out. Quaint huh? 


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