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Monday 29 December 2014

Christmas Competition - Post 2 of 3 - Susie Watson Designs.

While in my head I'm a natural, in reality interior design is not something I'm all that.... weeeell good at.  Put bluntly a monkey would probably do a better job at refurbishing your lounge than I would.  However Susie Watson Designs appeared in Cambridge a few months ago and while it does include a great deal of pastel, the intricate designs and individuality of the items available intrigued me.  As did where they were made and how those that made the products were treated. 

Luckily I got to meet Susie Watson and any fears I had of  a 'bangladash-style' situation was alleviated.  Hearing how she won't compromise on quality or the treatment of her workers was refreshing to say the least.  She visits the factories in Sri Lanka and India regularly and was present at one of the recent 'lunch parties' they had - a gathering of workers under a tree outside the factory in the Indian summer heat.  Seeing also the hand painting on the kitchen wear peaked my interest in what else might be available and luckily a Pinterest competition win meant I got to see more of these goodies up close.  

A runner decorated with angels, Christmas trees and hearts was the centre piece and really gave a touch of class to my festive table.  The heavy glass candle stick holders were proper cluedo types, good for whacking someone - should you be so inclined and the taper candles burn silky smooth while the wick stays nice and long.  The sign of a good quality I think.  

The tea light holders with their glitter edging and finally the small table candle with it's cute bird motif were the perfect finishing touches.  I also received a calendar showing what's to be available throughout the year.  All in all it's really made me think about what I bring into my home, which I am sure both my husband and our bank balance will be glad of!

PS. though currently there's a sale so really I'm saving money, right?

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