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Monday 22 December 2014

Christmas Competition - Post 1 of 3 - Tom Smith Crackers

You know you wait years to win a competition then three come along in one month.  I've been insanely lucky these past few weeks and so I've decided to blog on the winnings to show what generous companies are giving away.  First come, first blogged therefore today it's Tom Smith Christmas Crackers.

This year we are hosting our second ever Christmas dinner and I'd never really given much thought to the crackers, they were always the bit that made the table all messy at the end.  This year it'll be different.

Tom Smith are the Mac Daddy of cracker makers, they used to make them for Queen Vic. There's something uber cool about holding a cracker made by the original maker, like I have a direct link to Victorian times - without having to endure the child labour and syphilis that was rife at the time. 

It goes that Tom saw some fancy sweets in Paris and thought 'whatever the french can do I can do better' thus cementing our international relations!  He then added the bang (which he thought of when he heard a log crackle in a fireplace) and further embellished with poems, which became jokes and presents. 
But over the years these presents became somewhat naff and the humble cracker something of joke itself.  Cheap paper and the sort of presents you wouldn't give someone you dislike let alone a friend became commonplace. Tom Smith however still make crackers worth writing home about. 
On right Tom Smith, On left Tesco, quite the difference eh?
The first thing you notice is the size in comparison to the average cracker.  Like I said Mac. Daddy.  Next it's the quality of the material, more a fine cotton than paper.  The design is traditional and the gifts! Well I haven't actually looked inside yet, but I think it's safe to say there won't be any plastic fish flopping around my family's palms this year.  

No this year they'll be spoilt rotten.  These crackers have set the bar rather high for whoever hosts next year. 

Merry Christmas Everyone. xxx

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