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Thursday 13 November 2014

Your New Favourite Jeweller - Nude Jewellery

Ultra Pink Radek Contemporary Ring
Sometimes something happens when you're a blogger that looks like it's going to cause you a massive issue.  Like the pictures in your camera all crash or the template keeps shifting the text.... or you delete a draft on your app and it deletes your actual post, which is what has just happened to me.

That said maybe its a blessing in disguise as now I get to upload my interview with Nikki Galloway again.  Nikki is the owner of Nude Jewellery which is based in Mayfair and has been going for 12 years.  Nikki's items caught my eye a few months ago and I loved her take on conflict gems, her prices (some totally affordable and some that will be going on my Christmas wish list) and her unique designs.  Introducing to you Nude Jewellery.

1. Tell me about your designers?
Most of the designers are British, but we also have 3 polish designers at the moment and are due three collections from Greek designers any day now. We have over the years had designers in from all over the world. The main thing is that the designers are independent, their work is not mass produced, with many of the pieces being unique and individually handmade and that they are passionate about design.

2. Where did the name Nude originate and what is the concept behind it?
The name was thought up by two close friends of mine over a glass or two of wine.  We had discussed a few options but I still hadn't decided on anything. When I received the text from them I did think about it for a day or two but it seemed to fit. A nude painting is a piece of art therefore the nude reference is not smutty or rude, it's a refers to art and it also has a cheeky reference to the colourful history of the neighbourhood of Shepherd Market and the "working flats" which can make for an entertaining area to work. Although they are very, very discreet - this is Mayfair after all!

3. Describe the type of person that wears Nude jewellery?
Stylish, quirky, independent, detailed, confident.
Contemporary Silver Bracelet by designer Lucy Q
4. Your stance on conflict diamonds is really inspiring, what percentages of your customers request this information is it a growing concern and how closely do you monitor this?
It's a question we are asked more and more, we always source our diamonds and gemstones from reputable sources, this means that sometimes the prices of our diamonds are maybe not as competitive as some of the online jewellers but that's one thing I'm not prepared to compromise on.

5. There are many jewellers emerging in recent years, how does Nude stand out from the crowd?
If you want normal run of the mill jewellery then you have come to the wrong place, we are renowned and love unusual jewellery, but not unusual for the sake of it there has to be an edge to the design, a certain flair and sophistication to the piece along with excellent quality. At Nude we are continually refreshing the collections that we stock as many of our customers are returning and are always looking for something individual, therefore we have to keep our collections fresh and innovative. Our USP is that in central London we are a small independent boutique with a wealth of British talent that is genuinely usual and unique something that's actually quite hard to find (so I'm told).

Splat Cuff contemporary silver
6. You have such a wide range of designs, materials and price range with your items, how do you achieve such a range and who is your target audience?
As I mentioned before, I love unusual and innovative jewellery, I'm not such a fan of blah! (Can I say that?) so sometimes when a designer approaches us if I love their collection (when I say love, I mean slightly annoyed that i didn't think of it) I simply cant refuse, even if we don't really have space I will do everything to fit it into the store. The passion and love for a collection always comes across with a customer.

Being in central London in the privileged area of Mayfair means our customers are extremely varied. We have many business men and woman who visit us when travelling from overseas maybe once or twice a year, them there are the tourists. Alongside these customers we have some very wealthy and sometimes famous customers. Our jewellery is priced from £50 to several thousand. With the majority of our customers being men buying for their partners, I find that if they love a design or style then that is the main thing, if its priced realistically and they can afford it then they will buy it.  Our jewellery is priced fairly for the material, craftsmanship and design, and most appreciate that.

7. Where do you gather your inspiration for the next collection?
I need to have blinkers I think as its hard not to be influenced by other designers especially when part of your job is to find the best jewellery collections out there. This is probably why it takes us so long to launch new collections, and makes it tricky. I do have a new collection that is being launched in the new year. At the moment we are in the prototype stage which can be fun and a little like play school at times. I love sixties style, Mary Quant, Bibba and I have recently found clothes designer Ossie Clark from the same era this style does influence me somewhat, the sixties style is just so super cool, I love Jane Fonda in the classic film Barbarella. I also love edgy and alternative with a little grunge thrown in for good measure!

8. Do you actively encourage and look out for new talent?
Always, New talent is what keeps the industry fresh, it's necessary.  Every year at Nude Jewellery we run our "Graduates in the Spotlight" competition which is open to any jewellery designer/maker who has graduated within the past 12 months, the competition has grown in status over the years and each year we receive more and more applications. From the applications we work through them and narrow the selection down to our three favourite designers, we then launch it on Facebook for anyone to vote for their favourite. The winner then gets a chance to exhibit with us for three months, a space in our store window and  featured on our website and within our social media.

9. Which celebrity would you most like to dress?
I think I would have to go old school and chose somebody like Madonna, an icon and somebody that has longevity within their industry. It would have to be somebody that I truly admired, that was strong and individual with there own sense of self.

10. Where do you see the jewellery trade heading in the next 5 years?
That's a great question, it has changed so much in the past ten years some aspects are barely recognisable. The internet and social media has made such an impact as it has with everything. The one good thing that works in the jewellery industry's favour is that there is a limit to what people will buy online and jewellery is such a specialised and personal thing that most people will see the item online, but many will call in to see it in person before they buy it, especially when it comes to the more high end pieces.

Ethereal acrylic cuff by Joanna Bury
Peaked your interest?

Nude Jewellery
36 Shepherd Market
020 7629 8999

Listed in Retail Jewellers Inspiring Independents Top 50 - 2014
Shortlisted for "Boutique of the Year" by The UK Jewellery Awards 2013
Listed in Retail Jewellers Inspiring Independents Top 50 - 2012

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