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Monday 24 November 2014

Trend Interpreter: Solid Clutches on the High Street

The high end fashion magazines would have us believe we are slap bang in the middle of fab clutch season.  Which isn't much of a stretch, we all know that once the Christmas lights are switched on the firework sparkly clutches come out in all their glory.  However the bucks you pay for these bags are more than a tad expensive - Bottega Veneta £1,610, Louis Vuitton £2,940 we'll have 2 of each eh, let me just get rid of this pesky kidney!  I walked the high street looking for their high end, middle ground and seriously affordable alternatives:

For the high end high street, Reiss and LK Bennett's selection ticks all the boxes.  John Lewis also have a fair few worth perusing.
John Lewis £99
LK Bennett £225
Reiss £110


For the mid range we're still in John Lewis (who says I'm influenced by seasonal adverts!) with these 'oversized old cigarette case' offerings but Coast have a little art deco inspired number for you to ponder as well.

John Lewis £59
Coast £85

Let's be honest, if you're just looking for something to throw your lipstick and phone in for one season spending a wedge of cash is annoying so Warehouse have a range for less than £30.  True they do feel cheaper than the others and have less of a reassuring 'click' when it closing, but on first glance do look just as chic.
Warehouse £26
However, if the idea of possibly having the same bag as the rest of the UK fills you with dread there are boutique stores to investigate.  Boudoir Femme here in Cambridge have this vintage 1950's clutch that will add more than a little glamour to any outfit.
Boudoir Femme £125
Let me know if I missed anything...

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