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Saturday 15 November 2014

Kiss and Grip: MAC & Max Factor Cosmetics Review

So I'm not a mega beauty blogger but recently I've been inspired to write about a couple of products that have come my way.  Of course by 'come my way' I mean I went in a shop, reached in my pocket produced my card and in exchange they gave me some killer colours to stick on my face and nails.  Some are a tad expensive others are softer in your salary. Neither of these makes are new or unheard of I just hadn't used them much before, though this is something that I will rectify in the future.

MAC Heroine £15.50
Honestly I used to think of Mac as overpriced but my initiation into their world has changed my mind. Mac's heroine lipstick used to be a limited edition colour but was so popular it made it to the permanent line.  Not for the faint hearted the purple of all purples is more than a tad in your face - I've had people stop talking mid sentence when they see it - but the intensity of the colour is what this lipstick is all about.  Better yet it just doesn't bleed but gradually fades after a few hours to a really cute pink.  The fade is one of the things I love, the colour pigment lightens but in a flawless way, not patchy and doesn't wear off in the middle the way some lipsticks do.
MAC Pro Longwear lipcream £18
MAC's Pro longwear is just that, a lip cream that lasts and lasts and this one is the best red ever.  I've never been able to wear a true red before, mainly because of the little vains of bleeding colour that seem to occur with most.  But with MAC now I can as the bleeding doesn't happen, being a cream rather than a lipstick means its softer and less sticky than other products can be as well.

I hope this isn't coming across all 'adverty' they haven't paid me honest - though that said if MAC want to send me any cosmetics I am sure I could find a way to test them. 

You know those varnishes you buy, shelling out between £5 and £25 (hmm Tom Ford?) that look great for a while and then next time you go to the bottle it's all gloopy and manky? Well these aren't those, Max Factor mini varnishes are the antidote to wastful nail paint.  Perfect pinks, ridiculously cool rouges and party purples all go on smooth as a babies bottoms and gleam the way gels do.   
Obviously they don't last as long but a decent top coat should get you a good few days before you need to top up or swap them for another colour.  As the bottles are so small there's a good chance they will run out before they ruin your look with stringy sticky brush application.  And being so dinky they are literally what your stockings are crying out for this Christmas.
£2.00 - £4.50 (depending on where you go!)
One of my sister's favourite jokes makes a fair amount of fun at us for our interest/obsession with cosmetics but seem a fitting end to this post, if you have a sense of humour about yourself that is.

Why do girls wear makeup and perfume?
Because they're ugly and they smell.

'til next time!

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