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Friday 21 November 2014

Boudoir Femme Christmas Event

Cost: £25

Last night saw my style soul mate and I attend an evening at one of the most prestigious boutiques in Cambridge.  One of the many independent stores in our fine city Boudoir Femme, had their annual Christmas event and it's become an evening we wouldn't miss. Kir royals and macaroons from Fiona Patissiere were on hand as we entered, and every corner of the store had goodies for your Christmas wish list.  

While some of the garments are pretty expensive the quality of the pieces, coupled with the fact they don't seem to be available elsewhere in town, makes Boudoir Femme one of my favourite "if money were no object" stores.   I would like their website search function to be updated as it's not all that intuitive for online customers.  That said a browse around the shop itself never fails to build up my pintererst boards. Here are just a few of the things I'm hoping my husband has seen.  

Cost: between £20 - £49
I discovered Hultquist a few years ago at Boudoir Femme and have never looked back, as my jewellery box would contend!  These designs are right up my street in price, appearance and individuality.

Cost: £145
Ankle boots to live and die in, I just hope they fit my feet as I'm hoping to get them in any colour they are available.

Cost: £99
Faux Fur
This over sized stole was one of my favourite pieces in the shop, adding a touch of glamour without harming any animals.  Beware, if you get one you will spend your time constantly stroking yourself!

Cost: £169
Cute Evening Bags
If you're looking for that perfect evening bag then Boudior Femme is definitely a place you should check out.  Small and functional these bags won't set you back as much as a mulberry but are just as chic.

Let's go shopping! Shall I just meet you there?

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