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Monday 6 October 2014

Old before my time? - Ickworth House Wood and Craft Fair

Ickworth House in the background of the craft fair

It's true; I enjoy a good craft fair.  As we, I dragged my husband along with me, surveyed the crowds it seemed that we brought the attendees age down by about 15 years - if you don't count the Waitrose shopping/Joules clad parents with their children, Hugo and Oscar.  However I was very happy to be in the grounds of Ickworth house on a clear sunny day surrounded by my elders, couldn't say the same for my husband though he did cheer up when he saw a Moonshine Brewery stand.  Just a little gripe the entry fee was £8! (because it was in National Trust site I assume) and there was little, if any, credit card usage.

  • Get a friend or relative you know to lend you their national trust card, craft fairs held in their grounds are a lot cheaper for members.
  • Bring cash; it’s a massive pain in the hole to get card machines to work in fields in the middle of nowhere.
As wood and craft fairs go, this one seemed highly popular and had some great little stalls like my friend's one IF Ceramics. Disclaimer: as the previous sentence heavily implies, this is a friend of mine but that doesn't mean her stuff isn't the shizzle!  Her owl pictures proved very popular though I preferred the hearts you see above, and her Christmas decorations were sweet, unique and at only £3 a proper bargain.
See the Owls I was talking about a minute ago?

Many of the other stalls were also worth a gander and it was so cool to see those with an actual skill making stuff.  Before our very eyes one guy carved a bear out of a chunk of wood, with a chainsaw.  Another guy made nutso Game of Thrones style chairs (except carved out of wood not bones which is much nicer and less aggressive, don't you agree?)

I wasn't the only one to appreciate the woodwork, several times over the afternoon we saw family men carrying beautifully carved chairs or massive slabs of varnished wood over their heads.  A little odd but lovely none the less.

There were also a ton of knick-knacks for your home and garden too.  Cosy Mama made some adorable booties and tablet covers that wouldn't look out of place in The White Company and Newleaf Woodcraft's rustic tea light holders are perfect for any wood lover.

There were also a few larger than average garden ornaments.  Along with the wooden mushrooms, wizards, owls carved into trees and metal animals there were this...
 Cos who doesn't want a dragon swimming through their lawn?

NB: All images taken by myself.

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