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Friday 24 October 2014

Foxes, Twigs and Milk, seriously?

Those that are musically gifted have always had a penchant for the dramatic when it comes to describing themselves.  David Bowie called himself Ziggy Stardust for a decade and Beyonce's alter ego is Sasha Fierce, a name I still find a little too 'look at me' but whatever.  I get that naming an artist is part of the creative process, recently though some choices have me more than a little perplexed.  I've picked 3 such acts that, while I very much enjoy what they produce, simply cannot get my head around why they chose to be known as the following. 
There's the animals (plural) the Leicester City Football Club and there is Louise Rose Allen, aka:

How is this the name of one person?  Never has someone called Louise irritated me so since that bint from Made In Chelsea! With her eyes so big a crazed jealous Zooey Deschannel is currently planning her demise and her blow up doll lips the look is, lets just say not my cup of tea.

The music and vocals however, especially the remixes, are higher ground stuff.  Uplifting and inspiring her album is definitely one on my Christmas wish list!

Next we have..

FKA Twigs
Her name is actually Tahliah Debrett Barnett and there's no denying she's an interesting one.   As a former back up dancer to Kylie and Jessie J she moved into music with a self released album in 2012.  To be honest for a while I wasn't sure I'd even heard her sing.  All I knew is she was/is going out with Robert Pattinson, but on looking her up it seems her song 'Two Weeks' was one of my favourite tunes recently. Lord knows why it's called two weeks, another odd name to add to the ever increasing pile, it's also lyrically, a tad bit naughtier than I had been lead to believe from my PG radio edit. That said she sounds and looks adorable.

I'd describe her appearance as an edgier Lisa Bonet, capable of cartoon style sweetness but also loopier looks which include spelling the word LOVE on her forehead....with her own hair.  And the reason for her name? seems this is because her joints cracking sounds like twigs, lovely! The FKA came into play when another artist also called twigs got jealous of her success/complained she stole her name.  Therefore Tahliah became known as FKA Formally Known As.  Cute huh? 

Finally one I truly do not understand..

Milky Chance.
What? I mean what?  Is that supposed to mean something to the average person?  With a little googling I found that even they don't really have a meaning for their title which to the mildly OCD of us is frustrating to say the least.

They're a 'german folk band' so true this may explain a little of the oddity but still, I'm gonna need a proper answer here.  Are they trying to start up a whole new saying? Do away with a "snowballs chance" and start up a less icy adage?  If so they have at least stuck with the colour scheme of the original which is something to cling to.  And happily their music is really quite pleasing. The bouncing sing along style is just what the chart needs these days.  So, in time, I'm sure I will forgive them - a decision which I'll bet they are incredibly relieved to hear!

I'm just going to have to accept it.  I'm officially old and no longer have a milky chance of understanding what the yout's of today are calling themselves.

At least I can still enjoy the tunes though.

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