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Wednesday 8 October 2014

Autumn Trends/Cambridge Style

You can literally smell Autumn in the air now can't you? As I mooched along on my lunch hour today I got to thinking about unique trends the high street, and in particular Independent Cambridge high street shops are offering and these little gems seemed to jump out at me.

While some accessories here aren't necessarily for those of us on a budget several independent designers have worked with Cambridge Contemporary Crafts for a quite some time and their items have a unique feel when compared to those found on your average high street.  These dinky lambs wool scarves by Tangent work a treat for those of use that get cold even inside our homes.

If lambs wool isn't you thing, Annie Neill's scarves of the more usual thickness may be right up your street.  In case you hadn't noticed the Autumn (or Fall) season means scarves are my latest obsession and I'll probably be banging on about them on and off for the next few months, just so's you know.
If you're on the hunt for quirky jewellery, Anna Wiscombe's pieces, in the shape of birds, leaves and trees are made from wood and have a childlike, yet chic appeal.
Unless you've watched Crocodile Dundee (80's flick) another natural material you probably haven't seen as a fashion item is cork.  This industry is having a tough old time of it recently as cork is no longer used as much for wine bottle stops but the tree still has to stripped every 10 yrs or it dies.  Should the usual display and materials for bags not float your boat you may want to check out Viking's cork bags which look to only be available in Podarok.  Smooth to the touch they've proved fairly popular with Podarok patrons and make an unusual talking point should local fashionistas find themselves in a conversation lull.

Just a few interesting finds for you to ponder over.  Should you require help building up your Autumn wardrobe I'll likely be adding more posts of this genre in the next few weeks.

Until then.

All Images are my own - thank you very much!

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