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Friday 3 October 2014

An ode to Autumn

October is when the sun is at its most anti-commuter height.  If  you're on a bike there is a never ending supply of cars, other cyclists and sometimes trees that jump* out from behind the brightest of white lights, as if the angels themselves were producing them.

In a car the sunlight seems to hit just under the visor, producing migraine quality headaches should you have to travel for too long.  Its all very anti the 8am traveller. 

On the flip flop this month is also when the sun hits the ground and highlights the turning leaves.  It gives the horizon those layers of colour and in this town, turns everything magical.

So maybe the point is to look around a bit more and worry about the commute a bit less.  Apologies if you find this all a bit poetic or whimsical first thing in the morning, my sleep patterns are all out of wack so am feeling a bit floaty today. 

* yes trees can jump


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