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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Bye Bye Hiatus - Hello Shiny New Layout!

Oh My Word that was a looong time!

I'm sure I've gone a month without blogging before but I had no idea how much I loved writing here until I imposed my own ban on it.  Anyway the hiatus is now over and my new blog and life awaits.

To catch you up I've ditched the 9-5 in favour of a smaller part time role and, as a result, have more time to blog and write in general.  See this is all I've wanted to do for many years now but due to lack of finances, too much fear or just being plain lazy it's taken until now to give myself a boot up the backside and actually give it a go. Currently my mindset is best described as peeing my pants with excitement/nerves about what I have just done.  Thoughts of how will I cope with cutting my salary in half and what if I turn out to be totally crap and no one understands my sense of humour are mixed with daydreams of being a full time writer and having cocktails with Caitlin Moran and Sophie Kinsella - I wonder if they know each other? no matter, I'll happily introduce them when we are all friends! 

But I digress, I'll be working on some upcoming collaborations (which I will tell you about soon enough, a girls gotta have a few secrets right?) a novel, some articles and of course this here blog which is why it got a bit of an overhaul.   I've purposefully kept it simple and clean with a main image that reflects the season and separated the topics out into different pages.  If you like my writing but are only into one or two of the topics you can now see all those blog posts without trawling through the others.  It's also neater which the OCD part of me is grateful for.  The topics are:

Ahhh my first blogging love.  This page is all Fashion Police - well someone has to pick up where Joan left off! events or exhibitions I go to as well as anything else that comes under the style banner (interior design etc).

Ponderings and tips from my travels including hotel reviews and how I am getting on with my fear of flying thang.

This is a bit of an experiment as while I find my own images pleasing to the eye, it's not always the case for everyone/anyone else.  So I'll be adding a few that I'm particularly taken with to see what you lot think.

Media and Television. This will be reviews of albums and gigs plus info on new groups or songwriters.  I'm also starting a SOTM (song of the month) segment which could be a new or old song, it's mainly just whatever I'm loving at that moment.

It's here you'll also find my blogs on the Great British Bake off and rants about Made In Chelsea and Strictly!  It can get rather heated as I argue with ballroom judges that have years of dancing experience in comparison to my 2 seasons of watching said show or posho's all being stupid and incestuous with each other.  It's not logical, but is necessary that I get these ponderings out for me to keep whatever is left of my sanity so take this as an advance apology for any future ravings.

Events, shop openings and all things Cambridge go here.  Very useful if you live here or are planing to visit, not so useful if you're in another part of the world but hey you can't have everything. 

Yeah erm this is for anything I fancy chatting about that can't be covered in the above pages (which basically gives me carte blanche to natter on about whatever I want, smart huh?)

There's also a contact page which is the best ways to contact or follow me. I'm a complete Twitthead, have a 'healthy' obsession with Pinterest and a mild Instagram addiction is building too.

So there you have it.  I'd love to see your tweets, facebook updates or comments you lovely people have and do leave me notes of what you're up to as well.

Let's catch up soon!
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