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Saturday 5 July 2014

Selfridge's Haul.

So I don't usually do these sorts of things but I think a day trip to London including a Selfridges haul warrants a little self indulgent "look what I've just bought" post.  

We spent the morning at the V and A oooohing and arrrrhing at The Glamour of Italian Fashion exhibition which had both some of the most beautiful and some not so beautiful dresses, blame the 70's and 80's - even Italians made some questionable designs in those decades.

Obviously going to town means going to the mother ship (Selfridges of course!) and it was here I found a lipstick that I had been looking for since I saw it at an airport.  'Heroine' by MAC is a pure purple matt colour that was limited edition but became so popular it's now permanent.   This goes on smooth, evenly and isn't sticky on your lips like some lipsticks can be, it does need to be applied quick thickly for the full effect though.

Sweaty Betty are in the middle of a sale (like most clothing lines in the height of the summer, obviously) and seem to have some decent discounts on their items.  A bright purple pair of 3/4 lengths later I have a ridic bargain (in part because my Style Sister has a discount card) a good friend indeed.  

The cherry on top of this sundae glazed Saturday was the traditional stop off at Pierre Herme.  It's here we loose all reason and sense flies out the window. It's here we embrace extravagance and luxury.  7 macaroons £16, worth every penny.


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