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Thursday 26 June 2014

OPB - Princesses, Posh Birds and Handcuffs

So one of the things I love about blogging is when I'm stuck for what to write, I trawl through OPB - other people's blogs - and see whats around that makes me laugh or think or wish the blogger and I were friends.  Not in a stalkery way, just your average follow you everywhere you go, take photo's of you when you're not looking, watch you when you sleep normal friendship... Anyway I've found three that I like so much I feel that over whelming need to share with you. Behold...
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Rejected Princess 
A little blatant piggy-backing here as this blog has been reviewed on Stylist, Huffington Post and the MTV site recently but still, just because something is popular doesn't mean it's hype.  This is a series of posts about real women in history that would have made amazing Disney Princesses, the kind of girls that cut off their own hands so that their brother wont try to marry them.  Had Disney given them reel time they would have been sanctified to within an inch of their lives, much better that Jason Porath gets his mitts on them.  He tells their stories with more than a little humour and some rather impressive drawings.

Constantly updating the site, he holds his hands up when he gets something wrong which is a characteristic I admire and is still unknown enough to reply to tweets!  It looks like a book of the stories will be coming out some time soon(ish), I just hope he keeps his chilled unaffected style when the millions come rolling in.

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Red Lemonade - The Fifty Shades Series
If you loved the books and thought whats-her-face's writing was aces you may wanna skip over this one as it's the most beautifully harsh piss-take of a book I have ever encountered.  Red Lemonade has a wit as sharp as Jon Snow's sword which she wields frequently at the writing, the storyline and the characters in this utter pile of wank book.  The exasperation she expresses at the dimwittedness (that a word? oh well it is now) of ol' Anastasia is highly entertaining. Case in point: "She also says really stupid things like how her stepfather Ray is "the reason I know the difference between a hawk and a handsaw". Apparently this was something that had to be explained to her"

I honestly sat at my desk shaking with laughter at the majority of these posts, and I work with academics so barely get even a giggle going most days.For anyone that is over 30 she also reviews the Sweet Valley Twins books in an equally cut-throat style. 
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Sophie Money-Coutts - The Made in Chelsea blog
I know I know I've probably lost you now but I honestly love the show (and blog about it often, here, here, here and here.) Sophie it seems is becoming less of a fan with each passing episode, understandable as the content this series was tedium televised.  Again it's her exasperation at the actions and constant bed hopping of the twenty-twats that make her blog so entertaining.  I do wonder if a little of this is jealousy at not being asked on the show herself, but that would mean she would have to sleep with Spencer (seems to be a Chelsea rite of passage for anyone that is, just about, of age) but I'm pretty sure she's not that desperate.

So there you have it.  Looking over these three, I can see that sarcastic writing is the common theme.  Whoever said "sarcasm is the lowest form of wit" obviously wasn't clever enough to understand it.  Not only is it a high form of communication it's also maddeningly funny, so there!

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