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Tuesday 3 June 2014

MIC Episode rehash - Is Spencer the mastermind behind the whole thing?

And so the reign of Binky the nice normal posho comes crashing to an end.  Proof that even the sweetest girl will turn into a screaming, defensive, unreasonable banshee when put through/accepting of enough pain.  The weight of the infidelity (along with the weight of her hair extensions I imagine) has all been too much for her as last night’s MIC episode saw B lose her shit at the only people that have had her back through this whole mess and storm out of not one, but two separate scenes.  I for one am getting rather fed up of the tedium that is this storyline.

Oddly Binky seems to have forgiven Spencer for leading her beloved into an orgy which is more than a tad unbelieveable, so I did some digging.  A little bird, whose name shall be protected, advised me at the beginning of this game it was Spencer that took the show idea to a number of channels.  He apparently got turned down several times before E4 took them on so it seems he’s the mastermind behind the whole debacle.  This at least explains why girls keep falling for him and why his friends keep forgiving his diabolical behaviour, it’s cos they don’t want to be chucked off the show.  This theory is further held up when you look at what happened between him and Emma, the only girl to have said no to him in the history of Chelsea and she’s booted.  

In the episode/series low point, Fran reappeared and had a great deal of the twitter verse wondering what she has done to be kept on the show at all?  That Lettuce leaf girlie came across as wildly immature but at least she livened the place up a bit, I suspect a favour was done for/called in from one of the above mentioned directors here. Toff reappeared at a spa as well but it remains a complete mystery to the rest of the world as to what the point of her is, aside from giving us a glimpse at the roundest face in the world that is. 

Elsewhere Lucy’s facial expressions got a real day out as she turned all green over Jamie and Riley hooking up.  Understandable, but personally I’d have kept my feelings under wraps and certainly not discussed them with an American friend complete with camera and lighting crew around me.

In a strange turn of events it was Stephanie and Louise (I know!) who actually seemed the most together of all the girls this week. Steph was the one that reminded Lucy ‘It’s not about you’ when Binks storm out no: 1 occurred. And Louise (bless her) tried to mediate between Cheska and Binky by explaining what it’s like when you’ve been cheated on multiple times, though got a mouthful off of Binks for her troubles.  It’s very sad to see what a real tosspot can do to a girl if she loves him enough.  

Good job these aren’t real friends of mine, I’d have shot myself a couple seasons ago if this is all I had to hang around with!


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