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Sunday 4 May 2014

Where Its At...

"You know that thing when you see someone cute and he smiles and your heart kind of goes like warm butter sliding down hot toast? Well that's what it's like when I see a store. Only it's better". When I first saw Confessions of a Shopaholic and heard these immortal words I knew, just KNEW that the store Kinsella had in mind was Selfridges in London, or as I call it The Mother Ship.
Browsing Beauty
There are other department stores, and other Selfridges for that matter, but for me the one on Oxford Street is the pinnacle of the ideal shopping experience.  I've harped on about it in a myriad of tweets and status' - is it status' statuses or stati? I've no clue, feel free to add the right one yourself - to anyone with half an ear, so I figured it was about time I backed up my claim. So for you, dear reader, here are my Top Five Reasons Why Oxford Street Selfridges Kicks the Arse of any Other Store in the World.
Even the Mannequins are chic (and relaxed!)
1. Architecture
The building is a beautiful and brilliant reminder of what we mere humans can do if appropriately gifted.  It's got The Queen of Time riding a huge bloody ship at the front door for goodness sakes.  What more could you want?

2. Service
Mr Selfridge himself is credited by some as coming up with the phrase 'the customer is always right'.  Whether its true or not when it comes to customer service, he certainly wanted us to have a better experience than we had so far been presented with and included high class restaurants and friendly staff to his store.

The same is true today, I have been inside both dolled up to nines in designer items and wearing high street trousers and converse all stars and got exactly the same treatment, friendly and fabulous.  It's a similar story when it comes to parting with your cash.  If you spend hours browsing and purchase nothing (difficult but it has been done) opt for a splash the cash item or just a small box of macaroons there'll be no pretty woman style rebuttals for you.  Instead the staff are like polite friends stopping by for a quick chat, they just have access to more McQueen scarves than most of your mates.
Take one a good few times in your life (should you be so lucky)
3. Shoes
The Shoe Gallery is art for the foot fetishist.  There is nowhere else that has designer footwear, high street steals and all that is in between so artistically presented.  Plus they have a serious Louboutin section and a nice line in comical displays for us lot to ponder.

4. Grub
As mentioned above Mr Selfridge thought that food was an important aspect of the shopping experience and the choice for full on meals or quick bites are a cut above.  The restaurant in the Shoe Gallery is sublime but on the top floor is the cutest, least stressful food court I've ever experienced.  This includes pastas, salads and smoothies from Chop'd my latest favourite eatery, as well as a mini yo sushi selection, a deli and great looking cakes.
Chop'd Smoothies
5. The Location
Being in the heart of London, when you venture outside of Selfridges, Soho and Carnaby or Regent Street are all walking distances from my favourite place.  Its particularly lovely on a sunny summer afternoon to venture to Scoop on Brewer St, where they sell the nicest gelato outside of Italy.  Plus they have a lot of scoops on the wall.
quirky huh?

So there you have it.  Go investigate and find out for yourself.... Except if you do it'll be even more well known than already is, will become more crowded and next time I go I might not get in but for the hordes at the door.

Hmmm maybe you shouldn't go, yeah you'd probably hate it anyway, best to just ignore me. As you were.

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