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Monday 26 May 2014


So I have to thank for this post. Song of the Week is a beautiful new idea for me, which is kinda strange seeing as I fuckin' love music. 

There's a special kind of natural high that comes with discovering a tune which hits you in the chest, gut and heart all at the same time.  A truly inspiring song can change our appearance, hairs on arms stand up, we smile and are moved to dance.  Then there's that other magic that happens when you hear some lyrics that seem to have been fished out from inside your head and speaks your thoughts and feelings so clearly.  That satisfying moment that says "yeah, you understand me" Only music can do that! 

I'm constantly downloading random songs I've heard on adverts or shows I watch and get quite obsessed about them, in the short term at least, playing them on a loop for days.  The problem is that I  am definitely not monogamous with my song love. I get hooked on so many and am always on the look out for a new favourite tune.  There are at least 3 recently that have really hit home so I'll include all in this post and let you work out which ones you like (or not) yourself.

The Hawk In Paris - Freaks
This one I got from an episode of The Originals and speaks to those of us that feel a little off shall we say?  Those that don't quite fit in and aren't conforming to societies ideas of 'normal'.  Its very comforting to here the lead singer, Dan Haseltine's voice all sensual and welcoming stating "we know the halls you walk are unforgiving".  Whether those halls are at school, uni or work it doesn't matter, it's all inclusive, beckoning you to come along with them, not that you need much encouragement.  Dan (cos we are on first name terms now you understand) is also a good christian boy, not the preachy, you're all doing things wrong' type but the genuinely interested in making the world a better place type, which can't be bad. 

Lissie - Cold Fish
This singer songwriter from the south is one smart cookie.  With butter coloured blonde hair and a freckled face look, she sings with a husky sound that may, or may not, have come from drinking the tequila she seemed to be loving at the last gig of hers I saw,  I discovered Lissie by accident (but isn't that always the best way?) as she supported Dallas Green a few years back, she then turned up at just about every festival and venue available, this girl and her band work hard!  Cold Fish is a revenge type song.  Sing it at the top of your voice in your room at someone who thinks they know better than you, who thinks they've got you sussed but in reality is more lost than anyone.  It's very rewarding.

Nick Mulvey - Meet Me There
Finally there's this cheeky chappie.  In truth I''ve only heard one of his songs but on the strength of that song have booked tickets to see him in my home town of Cambridge, cos that's where he's from too.  Am not sure why but the fact that he is from where I now live has me feeling rather proud, like I had some hand in raising him. Daft that innit?

Anyway, I downloaded Meet Me There a couple of weeks ago and it's been on constant rotation on my phone ever since.  It's a happy summer song with a carefree vibe that goes perfectly with cycling through a field of sunflowers.  Please Note: am not actually suggesting you do this, the dream scenario of cycling through sunflowers is way more romantic than the actuality of it. There'll be no pathway, you'll hobble over stones and rocks, fighting off bees or other insects and most likely end up getting smacked in the face with a sunflower stalk (the rocky balboa of flower stems).

So there you have it, my Songs of the Week.  Do tell me yours -  I feel that new song itch just waiting to be scratched.

All pictures taken of posters with my phone - thanks



vintagesoph said...

Yayyy, I'm so glad you liked my idea! Will be looking forward to reading about your weekly tracks! x

TmS said...

Brilliant idea. Thanks for your comment too.

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