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Tuesday 20 May 2014

Food review: Eat Drink and be Buggied!

Last weekend was the Eat Cambridge Festival day and while there have been pop up restaurants and debates going on since 10th May, Saturday was the main event, the market day.  This is when all and sundry queue to get into the Corn Exchange to find out what's new in food.

Unfortunately the connecting shires all got the same memo about the second ever Eat Cambridge event and headed on over at precisely the same time we did.
On a sunny Saturday afternoon.
Dead in the town centre.
Can't think why it was so busy!

We queued to get into a hall way too small for the number of it's inhabitants and as such meant we were treated to a shuffle-stop-shuffle-stop pace.   I haven't seen such a crowd since I decided it would be a good idea to go to Selfridges on 23rd December (the man was NOT happy!)

That said once we got to see what was available the stands were pretty demon and all had freebie food stuffs (except the tea, but who wants to eat 'raw' tea?).  Silver Oak Coffee had an array of sexy smelling beans, all ground locally and the beans are direct trade.  This means SOC get their beans from smaller distributors to ensure a fair wage, the Brazilian Fazenda Crueiro pack that we bought has been stinking out the kitchen (in a good way) since the weekend, I can't wait to try it.

Lots of sustainable and local or home made produce were used in the making and baking of brownies, breads, cakes and sweets.  I managed to sample a stupidly hot chili by accident.  "They start cool and go up in heat from left to right" the stall owner advised.  Right'O I thought, ever backwards with my directions dived into the sauce at the end of the table.  The wrong end as it turned out, I may as well have swallowed molten lava.

Jacks Gelato was on hand, but the queue was so long, we ended up leaving what was a lovely looking and very interesting food fair to go and get some lunch in town!

Had it been in a different venue I'd have concluded it to be a roaring success, most people would probably say it was anyway.  I say only if you don't mind having your toes sliced off by a yummy mummy and her buggy, is it wrong to suggest designated time zones for the buggy brigade?

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