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Tuesday 22 April 2014

Blog Block Post - Springtime Wardrobe

OK so we all know what this is.  A post put up so that the creative juices can start pumping again as last months blogging get up and go got up and went and I haven't posted for a couple of weeks.  This is decidedly ungood as according to twitter 'real' bloggers post 3-4 times a week, though I'm wondering if these bloggers are the kind that have a bit more spare time than I seem to?  But I digress, seeing as we are fully buckled into Springtime, I decided now is the time to swap over my wardrobe.

This week was the chosen one as I'd had a particularly unsuccessful shopping trip, sorry Oasis but this season's Jersey dresses are rather unforgiving of size 12 and ups!  The day passed by and if it hadn't been for one item from Lilac Rose it would have been wholly unsuccessful (unless you count lunch as a purchase, which I don't... cos you can't wear it) so I decided a wardrobe workout was in order.

And then I remembered why I love doing this, it's like shopping but without spending any money as you hunt through last years treats deemed 'too summery' to wear in the winter months.  Suddenly there are pastel and neon colours in place of dark shades, plus I found that the odd top bought over the last few months works well to update brighter outfits too.

Clearing out the dullness of a winter wardrobe is seriously cathartic, with the month I've had a real 'out with the old in with the... well still old but more summery and happy old' was called for (that's not going to take off as a saying is it?).  Everything earmarked to be worn imminently got a going over with my new Fridja steamer and I highly suggest you invest in one of these contraptions.  They are awesome for your inner OCD girl, who was having a ball watching the creases on cotton disappear.  Just make sure you don't empty the boiling water over your own wrist, stings like a bitch!
feckin' ouch!
I doubt you want to hear more about my ridiculous ability to harm myself, though let me know if you do cos I have a ton of stories like this one.  It's a wonder I've made it this far without accidentally getting dead. but again I digress...

One of the things I'm particularly proud of this Spring season is my idea to hang bags on the walls with little hooks, tidying up small spaces.  Sure if you hang them too high they fall down and take half the paintwork and anything below it off as well, but for the time being at least they look all neat.  Inner OCD girl has had a good day!

Shoes are (obviously) not to be left out here and mine are all on a shelf built by a giant at the top of my wardrobe.  Luckily a mini step ladder is kept to the side and makes it that much easier to sort and access (though yes I have bumped my head a good few times getting shoes in and out of their homes. Accident prone, though art named Thee Middle Sister!)   At least its tidier that way, though it has to be said, one of the best drivers for tidying your wardrobe has to be thinking it's a really good idea to put a blog post out about it.

Fingers crossed I'll think of something more interesting to waffle on about next time, otherwise  you could be subjected to the inner workings of how I organise my books by order of how many people die in them.


Unknown said...

That's a gorgeous dress! i love how light it looks and the colours, it's prefect for spring and summer :) I've not put bags on hooks before actually, might do that to start tidying things up haha. I only blog when I have time, which at the moment I don't have much of because of revision, never feel pressurised to blog :) Do what you want and when you feel :) I actually think this post is interesting :) Though your tattoo does look a little sore :p Hope you had a great easter weekend! x
| Life as a Petite |

TmS said...

Thanks I'm looking forward to wearing it. Good advice. And thanks for the feedback. Good luck with the revision. :)

RICHA S said...

very well written... ur so funny... :)& I love ur tip of hanging bags... I shud start doing tht as well

TmS said...

Ah thanks Hun, I'll check your blog out too :)

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