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Monday 10 March 2014

Style is as Style does...

So all these red carpets (and judging of what is worn on said red carpet) has me thinking about style, the four major fashion weeks have come to a close but there are still many other events in other cities.  Vogue Fest for one and (more locally for me at least) Cambridge Style Week both fall at the end of March as well as a myriad of smaller fashion weeks splattered throughout the year.  These events bring forward people that give a lot of thought to what they wear and I wanted to know what the people who are most important in the world of fashion have to say about style.  Not the Anna Wintours or Cara Delevingne's but the real go-to guys in the fashion world, you lot! And it seems many of you have rather a lot of beautiful quotes about it...

@KrisEvilCupcake (twitter name not her real name, I suspect) thinks Style is 'particular features of your outfit that make you stand out from others, a particular way you dress/look' while Somdyuti Datta Ray a student and blogger at says 'to me, style is how you interpret something and add your own touch to it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, or their personal style in this case. It's just how your perceive it'.

Bloggers and business women alike feel similarly, Lavinia E (a fashion writer at the website thinks 'style is how you interpret each piece and trend in your own unique way'.  The idea that style is subjective is true to Chloe Johnston, Founder at CJ Tours LLC as well 'Style is the way in which you present yourself, it embodies your confidence, and helps express your personality'.  
CJ Tours - CJ Tours LLC

I remember working in a shop many years ago and the workers and owners were very much lead by the latest trends.  Thankfully now there are managers like Allison Richman from who thinks 'Style really is just doing what you want. Embracing your interests and perspectives and just meshing it all together in how you present yourself. It doesn't have to make sense to anyone but you, it's basically expressing yourself in a form that other people can see'.

Whilst having a personal style is a relatively new concept to me and I would never have allowed others opinions to change what I wore, its comforting to know that in this 20-teenage the attitude to fashion and style is so much more open and freeing than I remember.  Stylistas of tomorrow have a lot to look forward to.

Look out for an interview with Nicky Shephard, Event Organiser of Cambridge Style Week coming soon!

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